2-26-10 Friday (Terms Of Measurement)

I started a job application with CitiFinancial.  Yeah, that’s the company Jim used to work for.  Their benefits are strong which is a good thing.  The online assessment was wicked.  If you want to see some of the questions they ask you can click on the small screen prints below.

17 1 2 7 9 10 11

Today was meal planning / food shopping day.  For my first stop – BJ’s.  Jim and I have complained to one other about BJ’s unit pricing.  In my opinion, unit pricing helps to compare products.  Price per tissue, price per package, etc.  Right?  Well, BJ’s inevitably lists different units of measure on like items.  So it’s impossible to compare the 2 without breaking out the calculator and getting all calculaty (if that were a word).  Once you’ve found the square root of pi to the nth power, then and only then can you continue shopping. 

So there I am, approaching the front of the Crystal Light mix.  Oh - as you can see I was able to continue shopping because I solved the mathematic equation above.  The answer was: blue.  Continuing: It would be great if they’ll put the unit pricing in quarts but I suspect gallons or something to make my life difficult.  Are you ready to see the unit pricing?


It’s only $27.96 a pound.  I’m afraid to price out the ground beef.  Perhaps the unit price will be by the inch.  How does one EASILY compare such dumb shit?  They have a deli on site.  I thought about going over and asking how much for a kilowatt of turkey.

After BJ’s I had a delightful shopping experience at Walmart.  I must say, any Walmart outside of Fort Myers, FL is typically a better shopping experience. 

Jim is officially done with training but they don’t have the desks/computers/whatevers ready for all the “graduates” so they’ll be in class for a few days more.

image We used up our cheat allowance tonight.  It’s Jim’s fault for suggesting it.  On the way home from the gym he says, “I wanna go out for dinner.”  As if he doesn’t feel like cooking or something.  We got home, showered and went to Red Robin.  We’ve only eaten at one while in Seattle and it was OK.  Anyway, we had a coupon and Jim was interested in a $5.99 “Prime Chophouse Burger” they’ve been advertising. 

Red Robin

image Oddly, I didn’t eat it all.  Not that I left very much, but nonetheless I had my fill.  I think I had gotten the deadly grease bite.  For me, I’ll be enjoying something but if I get a greasy bite, my stomach shuts down – I get disgusted.  It’s hours later that I ate it and just posting the photo of it makes my stomach turn.  Ewwwww.  Anyway, we still prefer burgers at Friday’s, Whataburger or Five Guys.


It wasn’t enough to have our cheat tonight.  I had to go over the top and suggest Cold Stone.  Perhaps it was the natural grease cleansing properties of ice cream that got me desiring it?  Maybe the rich in protein muscle nourishment characteristics of peanut butter?    That’s my story – I’m sticking to it.

Well, this entry comes to a close.  I must work on my grocery list for next week.  With all the math involved, I’ll need a head start:



  1. I have a stomach ache looking at the Red Robin ad...When I was still drinking I went to Red Robin in San Leandro,CA with my BF Margie...we drank every exotic drink on their menu.. Ack!!!!

  2. Awesome post. You have as many store/restaurant incidents as Alix has driving ones. Fingers crossed for Citi...

  3. B, D, A, B, C, C, A

    I ate at a Red Robin a few times. The last time left me really sick. Haven't been back and have no desire to go back!

  4. The kilowatt of turkey made me burst out laughing and reminded me of a funny story I heard yesterday.

    You remember when we were phoning back and forth and I told you I was with Jordan and we had just been to the Guitar Center where he works? Well, I met his boss Jeff. Nice chap. Kind of heavy on the ego, but likable enough. He was telling me about being a fledgling wine connoisseur and how he went to this place called the Wine Room where they do tastings and serve wine by the glass or bottle. He said you actually tap your wine from these huge stainless steel containers with hoses coming out for each wine. Sounded kind of space-aged for a wine bar, but whatever. Jeff told me he was being kind of show-offy so he looked for the most expensive wine in the place. He put his little wine debit card in the slot and chose the $15 a glass wine, but it only squirted out an ounce. Come to find out it was a $15 one-ounce tasting. Can you imagine? That's almost as expensive as your Crystal Light!!! Wow.

  5. Oh, Garret, I snorkled out loud!! (That's a cross between a snort and a chuckle) Crystal Light by the pound? The store's job application forgot to mention math and common sense as requirements!!

    Good luck with Citi - but I think you should apply for a job as a food taster.

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. Rotf! Why didnt you just go to good ole reliable Olive Garden? I work with a cardiologist who says the same thing to his patients when they are over weight! He says.."How much do you weigh? They answer with a high weight number and then he says.."Looks like you need to get a little taller". Makes me giggle on the inside! Your whole expericnce in B.J's was hilarious! And we think gas is expensive! thank goodness its not the price of crystal lite!

  7. @Mich, that's cute that the cardiologist says that!

  8. If I was 5' 11", I'd be smokin'!!!

  9. Joanie, honey... you ARE smokin'.


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