2-16-10 Tuesday (Chased Away)

TMI I did a lot of miscellaneous stuff today.  Stuff is a good word.  It’s powerful.  Stuff encompasses all the little things that’s just a lot easier not to specifically mention.  Like, “I picked up a piece of lint off the throw rug.” or “I cleaned up cat puke.” or “I removed a skid mark from the toilet bowl.”  These things are all stuff that we can all live without knowing.  Wouldn’t you agree?


image With several merchandise returns in hand (wrong this, wrong that), I ventured out in the beloved BMW.  Oh, it’s not like Jim said, “Take the BMW, you look fabulous in it.”  It was more like, “Take the BMW to the car wash, please.”  At least there was a please in there. 


image I’ve been eating the same ole breakfast sandwiches every morning since 8-26-09.  I enjoy them.  It’s under 266 calories per this post.  I need to recalculate it though.  I use less Pepperjack cheese, omit the milk, and switched to a yummier Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage.  Within the past few months, Jim has grown tired of them so he’ll sometimes have a bagel or cinnamon toast.  Today I made a bunch of pancakes.  The calorie count for 3 pancakes (1/3 cup mix) is pretty low.  For the amount of mix I made  vs. the number of pancakes, the math works out to be 288 calories for 2 large pancakes.  It’s the syrup that will get you.


2010-02-16 04 

Per 1/4 cup of syrup:

210 calories = regular syrup

100 calories = reduced calorie syrup

20   calories = sugar free syrup

Well, if the sugar free is nasty, we have the lite syrup as a backup.  If all else fails then the regular syrup is available but we might as well call it a day.

jobsearchnewspaper Some employment seeking related tasking was due.  I looked through all my print outs, typed in addresses (some locations also have a PO Box) and came up with about 20 envelopes which I stuffed with cover letters and resumes.  These were all dealerships that I had previously sent emails too and have not gotten a response.  I even faxed a few.


2010-02-16 02

When Jim came home, as typical he opened mail.  By the time he was done, he was pissed off at Chase, called them and cancelled ALL accounts with them.  Here’s Jim’s follow-up email to Chase and a Facebook status:

Dear Chase,

I realize today's economy has offered significant challenges for financial institutions. I used to work for Citigroup and was laid off during these troubled times. I understand that your company is probably seeking ways to limit exposure to losses in its credit card portfolio. Well, I am happy to help you accomplish this task. I have canceled both of my remaining cards with Chase so you have no risk of my accounts becoming a bad debt.

For the record, Chase recently closed one of my accounts that had been opened since 1993, for lack of use. I attempted to have this account reopened in vain. Afterward I closed my savings account with Chase.

I have been a good customer of Chase since 1993, my payment history has been excellent. I do not appreciate being treated so poorly. Canceling my accounts, and lowering the credit limits on the ones you saw fit to keep open is insulting. It says we do not trust you and think you are going to rip us off. Rest assured that Chase will never lose or make money because of my accounts. At this point I have no intentions of doing any future business with Chase. If any of my accounts becomes a Chase account I will close it as well.


Chased Away

Crafty signature, eh?

Jim came home from work with a backache which is unusual for him.  We skipped the gym, he used a heating pad, and we watched a movie.


  1. With letter writing skillz like that... Jim needs to post more on the blog!! You tell 'em!!

    I am joining you on your Stuff Movement. Power to the stuff!

    What about other things on pancakes besides syrup... honey or peanut butter or cut up fruit (maybe with a bit of real whipped cream- not cool whip) or preserves. I also wonder about real maple syrup vs pancake syrup?

    And as for healthy eating... I'd be interested to know... do you balance label reading and calorie counting or are you more focused on calories? Do the ingredients matter? Does it matter what they use instead of sugar? Does it matter how they get it to be low fat or low calorie? Ahhhhh.... the big questions in life...

  2. Liz: Jim is mostly the label reader. He reads calories and calories from fat.

    For peanut butter in general, he uses some stuff he gets from Trader Joes that is much healthier. He likes it, I don't.

    I looked at the syrup section, BUT looks like I should look a little more carefully. Walmart may not have a good variety.

    I learn little things along the way about foods. Sugar in veggies is bad. I hadn't realized that. I see low fat can sometimes mean more sugar. High frustose corn syrup = ugh.

    Years ago I heard about a diet called the caveman diet. It was based on the principle that if you couldn't buy it or make it in prehistoric times then don't eat it. This diet belives all the unnatural stuff (preservatives and such) are what hurt us.

  3. I definitely agree with that. it's funny- I have the knowledge to eat well and even the desire- but am lacking the energy, money, motivation. Something.

    I was once advised that the best way to shop the grocery store is to stick tot he outer ring and avoid the aisles. That way you hit produce, meats, dairy... and avoid most of the processed stuff.

  4. I keep telling you, get the Eat Clean Diet for Men...you like to cook, you don't mind doing prep work...it's a natural for you. Basically follows those caveman principles...don't eat artficial garbage, don't pollute your body with sugar...seriously, if someone offered you a big spoonful of polysorbate 80 or a side of mono- and di-glycerides, would you eat it? NOPE. But read your ingredients on processed foods and half of it is shit you can't identify.

  5. Um, hate to tell you this, but cavemen had an average lifespan of something like 25 to 30 years. Eating like a Neanderthal is unlikely to increase your own lifespan.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Liz-
    Thank you very much for the compliment. You should see the letter I wrote in response to their lame ass response.

    How many times can you say BMW in one paragraph. And they call me the pretentious one.




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