2-6-10 Saturday (Legalities)

Crazy Guy What a lazy day we’ve had.  Jim worked on taxes while I played video games.  Sure, I made the bed, folded laundry, emptied the dishwasher and other menial  tasks but it didn’t really do much to fill the day.  I even heated lunch in the microwave.  Boy, does my finger hurt.  Beep, beep it’s just maddening. 

imageThe Nissan interview procedures has been weighing on my mind.  A friend in the Human Resources business said marriage and children questions are bad as well as them taking a copy of my license (I forgot to mention that the other day).  I went ahead and shot off an email to the management of the dealership.  I don’t wish to file a lawsuit or anything like that against them.  I just want them to know what happened.  I emailed the General Manager.  If I don’t get any kind of response from it then I guess I’ll mail a hard copy.

I was in your East Charlotte location on February 4th.  I interviewed with the service manager, Glenn.  I think it's important for you to know that he asked a lot of illegal questions of me.  He asked if I was married, if I had children.  He asked for my driver's license, and then made a copy of it.  Having my photo, from what I understand is also illegal.

While I don't think it is illegal, you may want to remove the last page from your application that asks for a lot of personal information.  This information can be used for identity theft and as a way to discriminate against potential applicants.  Removing that page and only requiring it when an offer of employment is made is a good way to protect yourself from potential discrimination suits. 

I'm not writing this email to be hateful, or to get anyone in trouble.  It's possible no ill intentions were made but perhaps, better interviewing/application policies and procedures are needed at your dealerships.

It may not be worded perfectly but I’ve probably spent more time on this than I should have. 

DIH - Cloud The washing machine drive belt hunt began.  My wireless meat thermometer died.  Happy death-a-versary to you, Mr. Wireless Meat Thermometer.  We ate a lot of junk food hoping to have a good cheat day.  I made fun of a pancake puff pan.  Such good stuff… or not.  To see last year’s entry, click on the photo to the left.

Please turn your attention to the scale.  I’m at 190 lbs.  That’s a lot but that’s actually down several pounds!  Hurray for me!

To celebrate the weight loss, we went out to eat.  Doesn’t that sound funny?  Actually, we didn’t celebrate it.  We went out to eat though.  Jim found a coupon for Boardwalk Billy’s (their website doesn’t work).  I ordered delicious baby back ribs.  I took half a rack home.  I was full.  Jim had some shredded pork.  He loved the corn on the cob.  We’ll go back – the food was good.

For the remainder of the evening, we’ll probably watch some Netflix movies that we’ve had on hand for a while.


  1. I'm glad you sent that letter. I know that you decided that job and company wasn't a fit for you, but the next person who comes in might not be in your position. Like I said earlier I recently took a class that covered what can and can't be asked and I was surprised. Anyway, Love you buys!!!

  2. I'm glad you wrote the letter, Garret. But you can probably kiss that job goodbye. On the other hand... maybe they'll want to appease you and give you Glenn's job. Wouldn't that be just desserts.

    And speaking of desserts... congratulations on your healthy eating! Baby back ribs is the best kept diet secret ever! But seriously, so happy about your weight loss. Whatever you're doing is working, so keep it up!

    We had barbecue yesterday too - I, however, had a barbecued turkey salad. See? Still superior in my decision making. But you're coming along.

    Oh! I almost forgot to tell you... we just finished watching Paranormal Activity on NetFlix. I agree with you... it was a total snore. I mean, some of the scenes were scary, but there were too few and the garbage in between was maddeningly slow and boring. The end was awful AND predictable. When will I ever listen to my wise friend, Garret.

    Have you seen Michael Jackson's "This Is It?" I watched it the other day and want to see it again before I send it back to NetFlix. I LOVED it. I was expecting it to glorify the man, but really, it showed the guts of an enormous professional production, all the hard work, all the dancers, choreographers, musicians, technicians - everyone who worked on the show. It was important to make a movie just to highlight all the hard work that never made it to the concert stage. I was wholly impressed and very glad they didn't do it as a memorial for MJ, but rather a showcase of all the talent (his included) that went into the production. I highly recommend it.


  3. Alright Mr. Garrrrret the legal begal! You just go in there and champion that cause, sister. :)

    And..woot woot for eating piggie parts to celebrate the pounds. That's my kind of backwards logic.

    PS thanks for your recent and uncharacteristacally sweet comments:p

  4. @Waytwisted: Thanks, I'm glad I wrote it too. I'm hoping to start some award program in my name. Something like, you're the perfect interviewer so we'd like to award you the Erik.

    @Alix: I already kissed that job goodbye when I walked out of there. A new diet plan. Eat a pig a day, lose weight. MJ - maybe I'll see it then based on what you've said. I feared it would be nothing more than a tribute.

    @Chef: Don't get used to it.

  5. Yep, that dealership is still in the dark ages - glad you wrote.

    Speaking of food, I just shook and blew off my keyboard; I don't know which was worse, the crumbs or the cat hair!!!

    How're you handling the weather?

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. @Mom L: I have the same "crummy" keyboard issues. :-)

    The weather is OK. The worst is wearing shorts and a tshirt from the car to the gym and gym to the car. Brrrrrrrr.

  7. @ Chef Green: Seriously. Don't get used to it. That right thur was an anomaly.


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