2-15-10 Monday (Webbing)

I scanned a lot more photos today.  The pile I have remaining are those that I’m unsure of dates.  I’ve been uploading a lot of them to Facebook so friends can see themselves from photos that are over 10 years old.  Good stuff!  I can scan 3-4 photos at a time and the software figures out that they are separate photos.  Without that feature, I’d never have tackled this project.  I’ve had fun reminiscing with my own photos.  I’ll post some in the blog soon.

imageIn between scanning, I managed to squeeze in some laundry, and vacuuming.  I even removed pesky spider webs from ceiling/wall corners only because Jim likes to comment on them.  When he got home, I rambled off my achievements.  He asked, “Did you get the one in the bathroom?”  Well we have 3 bathrooms.  Naturally, I missed the particular web in question.  Whoops.  That’s OK, he stood up on the toilet and got it down.  Makes me wonder why he waited so long for me to remove miss it if it was that easy.  Right?

I didn’t even leave the house today (except for the gym).  All day I felt like there was something else to do but I didn’t feel like doing anything.  I realize that statement probably made no sense.  Tomorrow, I plan to go to the store, make a few returns, just to get out of the house. 

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  1. You should have moved to Indy- then you could have been using your days to come to my house and clean and remove spider webs. Ha!

    Maybe you should get out and meet your neighbors and then blog about them. You can do little "Desperate Housewives" kind of blog-isodes. Get all the scoop and start rumors and drama and stuff.


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