2-18-10 Thursday (Tanning)

Dasher and Clea have always liked laying in the sun.  At our ex-house in Fort Myers, they’d lay on the lanai, in the sun.  Dasher would lay out in the grass at times.  In the motor home they’d lay on the dash soaking in some rays.  In this rental house, they lay in front of the French doors or upstairs in the bathroom.  The blinds are open a little in the guest bath, so they lay in the sun when possible.

 2010-02-17 15 

2010-02-17 16

2010-02-17 17

I wanted to see what the hype was all about.  Oh yeah, the warmth.  The heat from the sun was nice but I was uncomfortable.  I was only able to lay there for about 45 minutes.  You don’t believe that, do you? 

Speaking of laying on the floor, I went to a Chinese buffet today, thereby blowing our weekend calorie cheat on lunch.  A bunch, almost all, of Jim’s coworkers went to Chen’s Bistro.  I think I was the only outsider.  My fortune cookie made it all worth it.  Take a look.

Fortune - Front

Now take a look at the “lucky” numbers on the back.

 Fortune - Rear

So in order for me to inherit money, someone has to have some to will away (please play the “lucky” numbers) and then die leaving the winnings to me. 

imageIn review:

Step one: Add me to your will. 

Step two: Play “lucky” numbers in large lotto drawing.

Step three: Win lotto.

Step four: Die within a year.

Pretty simple.


For the remainder of the day, I got involved in making more This Day In OUR History icons.  I have fun with the photo/text editing, what can I say.  In case you wondered, there was no entry a year ago.


  1. Oh my goodness. You crack me up!!! The Garret sunbathing pic is classic! I was all taken in with the photo of Clea... because it's a beautiful shot and the lighting is perfect... and then I scroll down- bwahahahahaha!!

    Our little poodle does the sun seeking thing too. Her little sassy butt can't possibly touch a hard surface if we tell her to sit (she backs up until she finds carpet or grass) but if there is a good sun spot, she'd lay on a bed of nails!

  2. Speaking of carpet vs hard surfaces. Cats are known to puke but they MUST seek out carpet or throw rugs. Jim theorizes that they have an instinct for soft surfaces to avoid splash back. Ewwwww.

  3. Shhhh - don't say that about cats too loud; I keep telling Emma it is NOT dignified and NOT OK, and she always picks the carpet!!

    Nancy in Iowa


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