2-4-10 Thursday (EOE… or not)

image On yesterday’s post, Tim asked “What happened to the government job idea?”  Well, I simply forgot to blog about it.  We live in a location that has other nearby cities and counties.  I have a bunch of county, city, state and even federal job websites book marked.  I cannot believe how antiquated and UNuser-friendly they are.  Tim and I had spoken on the phone the other day and he recommended a government job.  Maybe as a chance to do something different?  Perhaps for the typical good benefits?  For whatever reasons, a government job might just be smart.  Afterall, Tim does appear to be wise.  Psssssssst, it’s the gray hair.

This morning I went to Nissan and met with the service director.  The application had a lot of personal things that I thought are strange.  It asked for my driver’s license number.  On the last page was a release to get more information and perform a background check which asked for Social Security Number, DOB, and my license number (again).  I think this page should only be included upon an offer of employment.  Businesses have gotten away from anything that could indicate marital status, age or any other piece of information that can be used against Equal Opportunity Employment.  As I was being interviewed I was asked if I was married and had any kids.  Another no-no.  The guy seemed ruthless too.  All in all, I don’t think I’ll be offered a job here but even if I do, I don’t think it’s the right place for me.

Here’s me trying to be all super-model before my interviews:

2010-02-04 01 2010-02-04 02 2010-02-04 03 2010-02-04 04

This blog is broadcasted across the internet so just Googling my name shows me on Alix’s blog and my own blog.  It’s bad enough a perspective employer can dig into my personal life but I sure don’t want it to have a negative effect.  At this point, once again, my job searching specifics and what nots will be off the blog.

image Deanna Tonight we had dinner at Fonda Las Cazuelas with Deanna.  We used one of our restaurant.com certificates for $25.00.  Deanna picked us up and as we departed the neighborhood I realized I had forgotten the camera.  She offered to turn around but I declined.  How many pics can I snap at dinner anyway?  I’d try the place again and order something different.  I had a wet burrito with beef.  The menu offered ground or shredded beef.  I chose ground and got cubed beef instead.  Cubed wasn’t even an option.  The menu was very confusing being primarily in Spanish with many a spelling error.  Things like “Shimp” instead of shrimp.  There was a lot of strange things (beef tongue, pork head, baby goat meat) on the menu that made us cringe and laugh.  I found the menu online.  If you’re curious you can click on a page below which will open a larger version in a new window.

image image image image image






DIH AnimatedLast year, it was confirmed that my Uncle Alan had lung cancer.  Death was eminent.  On a happy note, I was perfecting my low fat lasagna and pondered why stores have so many air freshener scents.


  1. Oh hottie boy, YES! The photos!!! Top one wins by a mile. Next one, second place. The sitting one? Uhhhhhhhhhh. The last one? Very Niiiize {said in best Borat accent}.

    Listen, on wardrobe alone, you should get the Nissan job honey. Wardrobe alone. I don't like your interviewer making you feel weird. What's his name and number.

    Oh - and I don't want to hurt your chances for employment should Nissan click over to my blog. As you know, I sometimes say naughty words. On the other hand, I'm brilliant, and maybe you'll get points by associations?

    Love you. XO

    {I think you're gonna get the job, but might like the perks of a government job better... lots of time off, somewhat decent pay, and you can be lazy. What's not to love?}

  2. Alix, as usual, you're right on soooo many levels. I love me some Alix!

  3. Government jobs can take FOREVER to get through. I had a friend who got hired by a local customs office- he got hired but with all the clearance levels, he didn't start work (or pay) for almost 6 months!

    How did you handle it when they asked for info they shouldn't? Do you tell them you prefer not to discuss? Call them out? Leave the forms blank?

    Green is a great color on you!

  4. @Liz: I've been told that about green. Thanks.

    I didn't handle the forms and private questions well. The forms were at the beginning of the process so I didn't want to make a big deal. I caved on all questions. I caved on everything worrying I'd lose the opportunity which now I'd hardly care about.

  5. Ok, we got together last night to discuss how you should handle this....OK, so we got together for drinks and dinner and in the process discussed this. Information like DL and SSN are standard on all applications, but you are well within your right to place in those blanks "to be given at time of hire". The information is useless until then anyway. As for the other questions you are well within your rights to file a complaint. It is against FEDERAL law to ask those question at any time during your interview or employment. I just went through a class at work that dealt with those issues. Love you guys and miss you sooooo much.

  6. @WayTwisted: Thanks. It happens that I forgot Deanna is in HR. When we got together the other night, I told her my story. She was appalled. She doesn't work at a dealership.

    Miss you!

  7. Yep. You are a freaking sex god. That's all.


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