2-24-10 Wednesday (Dishonesty Is The Best Policy)

So recently Jim sought out new RV insurance.  He got a much lower rate with Victoria Insurance over Progressive.  Jim answered the agent’s questions honestly, one of which was about damage.  He explained about the partially missing fender skirt. 

2010-02-11 03 RV Insurance

image The insurance agency rep, we’ll call her You Have No Business Being In The Insurance Business Or Any Kind Of Business That May Require Customer Service.  OK, fine, we’ll shorten it up to X.  So X calls me and says the insurance company wants pictures of the RV all around and shots of the interior.  Be sure to include a close up of the damage.  Done.  X calls ands asks when we’re planning to have the damage fixed.  I replied I don’t know – why?  X says a lot of the time, Victoria insurance won’t insure us until it’s fixed.  ??????????  I told her to find out for sure and exactly why the damaged area wouldn’t just be an exclusion. 

image Days later X calls.  A mistake on the policy of listing me as married (her mistake) will cause a $76 for the year price difference.  She says that Victoria will cover us but will charge extra per month for the damage until we have it fixed.  I asked why.  She couldn’t answer that.  She didn’t know.  Why didn’t she ask them?  I ask what the surcharge would be.  X says she won’t know until the policy is put through.  If I don’t like it I can cancel the policy.  I can go back to Progressive with no lapse in coverage.  I took a REALLY big deep breath, resisted putting my arm through the phone to bitch slap her and I finally said (carefully annunciating each word and inappropriately grouped words into clusters as if I was struggling for air) “Do you – have any idea- just how ridiculous that sounds?”  X says she understood.  Bitch, if you understood you would have the answers.   I ask for the manager.  X says they’ll tell me the same think.  Angrily I tell her just wait till her dad gets home.  No.  I told her I’d be in touch.  More like my hand to her head but whatever.

image In the meantime, I feel like I don’t trust the insurance agency.  I feel like something shady is going on.  I don’t like it.  I check with a different agency who said that all of that was ridiculous.  Was he just saying that to get my trust?  We’ll call him I’m Not Sure If He Should Be Trusted Just Yet or Jeff for short.  I told him we were paying $900 for Progressive and that Victoria was coming in at $560.  He calls me back later with a quote for another company just shy of the $900 for $831.  I then realize that I told him about the price we paid in FLORIDA not here.  Progressive would be $651.  He says he’ll rework the numbers with the safe driver discount?  Ummmm, he had our license numbers.  He knew we were safe drivers.  Shouldn’t that already have been calculated in the price?  I didn’t ask that, we’ll see when he calls back.  I don’t know what to think.

I’m craving fat food.  Sigh.  I’ll go have a 1 oz pack of peanuts.  170 calories.

image This weekend will be exciting.  I’ve gotten news that Jodi will be making the drive from New York to her condo in Florida and we’ll be a pitstop for a couple of days!  Oh, she’s the one with the big blue arrow over her head.  If you want to see the posts from my December visit with Jodi, Michelle and Carolyn, start here.  I think we might need to take her to Crave The Dessert Bar.  Also to Zio’s for good Italian.  Jim and I came up with several places to go for food.  It’s all about the food.

image Above: We had to move all the furniture out of the way for a clear shot of Jodi on her tippy toes.

Time for the gym and then for dinner.  Dinner.  Mmmmmm, I’ve been smelling it all day.  Bean soup.  I know it’s going to be delicious.  I have to rewrite the recipe and then I’ll post it tomorrow.


  1. So... why not just stay with Progressive at this point?

    I hate dealing with insurance of any kind. Hate. It.

    Have fun!! Love when friends come to visit!

  2. That shirt makes you look like a sex god. WTF about those insurance ppl?? Smack that ho.

  3. @Chef: It was Jodi's father's shirt. I stayed longer than I anticipated and didn't have enough clothes.

    @Liz: We're signing back with Progressive in the meantime.

  4. Ummm in reference to your posting the recipe tomorrow...shouldn't you have had it ready to post BEFORE you mentioned it? In the name of good customer service Garret, please try harder. (Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) I love you.

  5. you know its hard to walk around with a big X on my face garret! it blocks my vision man! im so jealous jodi is comming to visit you guys! that means shes going to be in your blogs! NO FAIR! lolol! have a great time with jodi! btw...she gave up chocolate for lent so kiss that dessert place goodbye! enjoy! xoxo

  6. Dang. Those girls are all hot. All four of 'em.

  7. I hate dealing with insurance peepz. Even more so, I hate PAYING insurance! Since I've never been in an accident, I constantly feel like it's just uselessly draining my precious money.

  8. We (meaning the ex) are getting Tim his own car insurance since the Ex and Maleficent are giving him Maleficent's car as a grad gift since she's getting a new one (bitch! that should be MY new car!)
    Anyway, Progressive came in $500 per 6 months cheaper than State Farm.


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