2-2-10 Tuesday (Anger Management)

I went to BJ’s and I ironed 11 more shirts.  Those, my friends, are the highlights of my day.  Try to contain your excitement.  I certainly am.

imageI haven’t mentioned the house maintenance issues I’ve been having with Henderson Properties.  At the beginning of January I filled out an online maintenance request form.  Days later, nothing happened so I forwarded my request to the woman who did our lease.  She forwarded my request to maintenance and days later the issues were resolved.  It’s bad enough that they’ll “respond within 3 days” which sucks not knowing if my request was received.  Sure, there’s a number I could have called but I prefer email.

Another annoying thing about this management company is they don’t coordinate a day or time or anything.  Large companies like Time-Warner can give a couple of hours time window and a precise day, what’s Henderson Property’s problem?

image The newest issue is that I filled out an online maintenance request once again for the fireplace, stove and an outlet issue.  I did this on Monday January 25th.  By Thursday I angrily called and had to leave a message.  I gave 2 phone numbers, my address, lease holder names, list of issues and even the tracking number their system emailed ME from the online request.  I also requested – angrily – that they come the next day, feeling as though it were owed to me.  Friday was the start of the storm here.  Nothing.  Monday (yesterday) I didn’t call.  I waited.  I figured I’d give them the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe they closed early Friday for the storm and would come out Monday.  Nada.  Today I called.  I asked for the manager.  I spoke with a manager named Mike.  He was apologetic and interested in seeing the confirmation emails as he can’t find any record of my online requests.  This troubled him, as well it should.  He was also troubled that the voice mail I left Thursday was pretty much ignored.  The maintenance request is now made with the proper person.  I’m crossing my fingers!

The fireplace issue is intermittent.  It’s on and then it turns off itself even though the pilot remains on.  We turn the switch on and off and it still won’t work.  Sometimes it won’t work for hours or days.  I asked this manager for a heads up as to when a repairman would come out so that I can try to recreate the issue.  I know from my automotive business days, if we couldn’t duplicate the problem, we couldn’t fix it.  Most of that is because with out a diagnosis there’s no telling what the issue is.  I suspect this fireplace problem is a thermostat issue but who knows.

This Day In OUR HistoryLake Tahoe!  So beautiful!  Click here to see last year’s trip to Lake Tahoe along with it’s accompanying photos.  



  1. The Tahoe Biltmore looks... interesting... Love going back a year!

    Soooo frustrating to deal with cruddy service. I hate when companies set things up to fail... I always want to fix the process.

  2. I always want to fix it to. Sometimes businesses forget the little things. I worked at a dealership that had a voicemail system for most employees. I kept noticing the voicemail light was lit on various empty salesman's desks. I was talking to a salesman and pointed out that they had voicemail and he said he didn't have the password. I told him to call IT Dept to reset it.

    I approached the GM and recommended that the voicemails be answered, checked, new boxes set up or whatever. He said, "Buddy, we have more important things to do, like sell cars." I kid you not. Even the buddy part.

  3. You got angry? Ooooh. I'd buy tickets to that!

  4. i think it is a great idea to read back on what you and jim did last year! keep up the amazing work!


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