1-31-10 Sunday (New Pet Meetings)

Happy end of month which once again means absolutely nothing to me.  It used to be important when I was working… same thing for Jim.  Jim is still in a 7 week training class so perhaps it will be important in the future.  End of month always meant getting the books cleaned up and squeezing every last dime penny from it. 

The weather update – It’s showing freezing rain for Tuesday and Friday so far.  We still need to get rid of the crap on the roads from Friday and Saturday’s storm.

image We decided to go out to IHOP for breakfast.  As we drove through the winding neighborhood, at the top of this hill were several stopped cars.  We stopped on the incline and slid backward slowly about 20-30 feet.  Once we reached the bottom, the cars atop moved and then we climbed the hill again with more speed.  We almost went home – giving up on it and deciding to skip the dangers.  Nah, that’s too easy.  Off we went.  We went here, there, and everywhere.  Shortly after noon, the road ice melted pretty substantially.  In fact, on the way home the same troublesome hill was ice-free.  Tonight, everything will probably refreeze, but with the layer being very thin, it shouldn’t be too bad.

image We drove around looking (the exteriors only) at some houses for sale.  It’s much too early for that but it got us out of the house, got us to explore the area, and see other neighborhoods.  We even drove up a road that we’ve passed and wondered where it lead to.

Tonight we had dinner with Doug and Bill.  I’m so grateful for the internet.  Jim met them through a gay Charlotte networking site.  They’re from Florida and have been here 2-3 years, and are in banking.  We’ve all got a lot in common.  We met at Friday’s, enjoyed their 3 course meal for $12.99 special.  We each had the same deal.  We all picked different appetizers and shared with one another.  We expected the portions to be small but were shocked at the size of the appetizers and entrees.  Too much food, really. 


I didn’t take any photos since they didn’t even know about the blog.  I’d hate to be snapping all sorts of photos and posting them without them somewhat knowing us. 

We had dessert wrapped up to go and went back to their house.  We met their large cat and their Boxer, Chloe.  The house was in a neighborhood we drove past earlier today.  What a beautifully decorated house.  I’ll get pictures next time – if they don’t mind.  We ate our dessert and talked about the ups and downs of Charlotte.  Good neighborhoods, bad places, etc.  It was great to compare notes. 

3 out of 4 of us have to work tomorrow so we said our goodbyes and tentatively planned something for Saturday.


  1. Glad you guys have met some friends. That's a hard thing to do in a new town.

  2. The weather is just awful here too. Ack. I hate it.

    So glad you guys met Doug and Bill and that you all like each other. It should be ME going out to dinner with you though.

    The traditional spelling is Chloe, by the way.

  3. @Anon: Thanks.

    @Alix: Thanks for the spelling correction, I knew it didn't look right. I fixed it. Oh and bitch please. If you want to have dinner with me, then come on up. Afterall, we've come to see your ass twice.

  4. Oh, I'm coming. As soon as I save up FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for airfare. Which is almost what my cookware cost - OR - the equivalent of two sorry ass mortgage payments.

    Are you worth all that?

    PS: Since I'm unemployed, the saving is going slow. But have no fear... I shall come. And you shall treat me like the queen/bitch that I am.

  5. You cannot and will not spend $500 on airfare. That's ridiculous. I'm worth it but I'm not treating you like some queen-bitch.

  6. Um, you will respeck Alix and treat her like the Queen she is! Also, I will be riding in on her coattails. All of that fabulousness in one room would be terribly dismal without me. So there.

    Also, you should totally snap pictures with strange gay men at Friday's. They don't need to know about the blog. Tell them you have a corporate food fetish or something. It's plausible...

  7. @Chef: When we meet will you be wearing a mask?


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