2-21-10 Sunday (Hide The Salami)

It was supposed to be on the menu for dinner one night.  Pizza.  We had nothing for lunch so I decided to make it.  I used a whole wheat Boboli crust, tomato sauce, 2% milk cheese, onion and diced up Bruschetta Tomato Basil Parmesan Boca burger.  I would have preferred Morning Star Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza burger but Target had none.  Anyway, it came out tasty.  I calculated the calories at 630 per 1/2 of pizza; 1260 full.  I ate half.  Fellow blogger, Norma, makes a pizza that is healthy as well but I wasn’t willing to got that far yet. 



Speaking of Norma, she’s a health food nut.  She’ll say no, but she is.  She’s a fitness guru too, and she’s been FAT so she knows what it’s like.  She linked this article which is definitely an eye opener especially about salami.

I went to BJ’s for bags of salad and broccoli while Jim dealt with the RV battery.  The main engine battery has needed boosting lately and with the weather warming, we might want to take it to a usable storage site soon. 

A short yet sweet entry.  A good place to stop. 


  1. I read that yahoo article!! I've got chicken nuggets on the brain ever since... we don't do fast food nearly as often as we used to but the article really pushed me to keep thinking of a healthier alternative- even at home.

    I really didn't think it would be a post about food or pizza and especially not actually about salami. I'm kind of let down. Guess a cold shower might help...

  2. I'll never deny that I am a health food nut, Garret; albeit one who occasionally slides into some very bad, uncontrollable binge episodes, still...embarrassing but true. The reason I have to be so strict with myself is because of those tendencies...there are certain things I know trigger a cycle of craving/overeating etc. and the more closely I stick to the path the less chance I have of spiraling into one of those episodes.

  3. That title had me a little nervous. Glad it was about the "other" kind of salami. Going over to read Norma's article now.

    PS: The Boboli pizza looks delish. Nicely done Garrrret.

  4. That does look good, but we make our own crust that's thinner and toppings to the edge!

  5. You're a tease. With a title like "Hide the Salami" I was expecting something very racy!

    Hmmm. I can only hope....

  6. That pizza looks yummy!!!

    In another life (married, with children), I used to make crust from scratch, sauce from scratch. If John and I ever move in together, I guess I'll start cooking again. It seems pointless when it's just me at home.

  7. MMM. That pizza looks good! Especially when I eat cereal for lunch/dinner every day...


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