2-20-10 Saturday (A Crave For Rubber Gloves)

image I didn’t realize I had so much to say for yesterday’s blog entry.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve got nothing and it’s ends up to be pretty much nothing.  Other times, such as yesterday, I felt like I had nothing but ended up with too much.  I can tell when it’s too much. Comments are about only 1 or 2 subjects in the entry(remembering the blog is always about 900 subjects at at time) and mostly from toward the bottom of the blog.  The best solution I can offer is – oh there isn’t one.

I sometimes wonder if I should rename the blog something with the word digress or digression.  Wouldn’t it better fit the non subject matter?  But I digress.

I discovered a link/hyperlink problem this morning.  I had to go back about 15 entries and correct them all.  I’ll explain -

For non-computer literate readers (Like my Mom and Jim’s Mom): A link is typically underlined and when you click it a different webpage opens up.  Well, to make it real easy, I typically have it set to open a new page instead of overwriting the one you’re reading.  I discovered today that all links were just go over the blog and not making a new tab/window.  This sentence is a link.  If you had clicked on that sentence it should have taken you to the wonderful world of unicorns.  Awwwww.

For computer savvy readers: The links didn’t open a new window.  I fixed it.

It’s funny in a way.  Someone created a bunch of computer words but instead used existing words which created confusion.  Windows, mouse, desktop, icon, “move the mouse”, “open a window”.  Very strange.

Guess what time it is:


Take it easy Alix, it’s not another colonoscopy.  Click here for information on Alix’s first colonoscopy. 


I made meatloaf.  Actually 3 mini loaves; I froze 2.  Alix, doesn’t that put your sphincter at ease? 

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it but I keep a separate pair of dish washing gloves in a Ziploc marked “Meatloaf”.   I used these when I mix and work with meatloaf.  It’s more sanitary, less knuckle hair in your loaf, it’s not as cold on my hands AND washing my hands/under nails is barely needed.  Now, doesn’t meatloaf sound that much better?  So remember, the next time you’re served meatloaf ask the chef if he/she wore gloves like Garret. 

We had a very early dinner at home and then went to the RV show again.  Once again we had fun!  I don’t know why it is, but it is.  I didn’t take anymore photos at the show but did take 2 walk through videos to show the kind of trailers we’re interested in.



On the way to the RV show I spotted a place called “Crave – A Dessert Bar”.  I emailed myself a reminder to check into it.  I did and it sounded yummy.  Click here and see their website/menu.  The website has some interior photos of the place as well.  They do wines, cheese platters, and sliders as well.  No dinner.  It’s more of a “before & after” place.

2010-02-20 07

Above: It was probably hard for Jim to smile after I screeched with delight that I’d be taking a photo and not to “ruin” the food.

 2010-02-20 03Above: This place takes reservations and was booked up.  They slid us in if we’d be out within 40 minutes which for just having dessert was no big deal.

  2010-02-20 05 Above: Jim and I both had the 2 cupcake dessert.  He got 2 completely different cakes so that we could sample one anothers.

2010-02-20 06 Above: For large groups/parties, they do a chocolate fondue, cheese platter, etc.  This guy was setting up behind Jim for the upcoming soiree. 

There won’t be any This Day In Our History for a few days. 


  1. The glove thing is hilarious! And kinda weird. I also made meatloaf last night- but have no qualms with just digging in and mixing the meat. I like handling meat with my bare hands.

    (That ought to give you some fodder to gnaw on, eh?)

    I soooooo wanna go to Crave!! Looks and sounds amazing!

  2. Who exactly gave Alix his last colonoscopy? A plumber?! My doctor uses those thin little latex gloves, not Mr Clean's gloves-for-scrubbing-floors!! Eek!

  3. Awwww, you brought back memories of my Mom who insisted the only way to make meatloaf was to dig in with bare hands. Maybe that's why I don't make it? And I did read all the comments - but my eyes stuttered on the dessert photos....

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. WHAT???? $21k for a complete RV outfit? Dang. That's affordable and I want one - not that I can afford the fuel is or anything, but the RV is rocking it hard. I like the first one better than the second one. Are you in the market? I've missed so many posts because of my world travels that I need to catch up. And did you know both videos are exactly one minute and fourteen seconds? I notice things like that.

    Oh - and Garret, darling Garret - thank you SO MUCH for the backlink to my colonoscopy. You are a true friend honey, a true friend. And just so you know, my sphincter is very very very relaxed. Relaxed and oh so happy and polyp free. Can you say the same? Oooops. Forgot... you're too damn young for a colo. But when your time comes, let me tell you that FOR SURE it is a non-event. It's the best nap you ever had. Trust me.

    PS: My colo photos kind of look like a crack whore's twat, don't they? Just sayin. Wide open and roomy. LOL.

  5. I made meatloaf the other day also and if my family doesn't like my hand hair in the meatloaf they can eat somewhere else. I agree that my hands get cold but too bad. It was yummy and not one complaint about hand hair. Miss you

  6. no rubber gloves for me thank you! i would rather have your knuckle hair in my food than the taste of latex in your meatloaf! you better not use the gloves if you are inviting someone who is allergic to latex! lol!

  7. So many anti-glove-who-cares-about-hair type of people out there.


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