2-11-10 Thursday (Ready To Burn)

I finally got my new burner today.  Maybe this morning’s email helped:

Your maintenance man came out Friday 2-5-10 and said he'd be back with a replacement burner but he was "working on a big job".   That's the second visit for this guy and the second time I've heard that excuse.  I really don't care, I want the burner.  So what he's saying is that I'm a burden to come back out to my house for a silly burner when he's doing something more major?  Let's look at dates:

  • 1-25-10 Monday: I filled out an online request.  We both know something went wrong.
  • 2-2-10 Tuesday: You and I speak.  Now you'd think I would have been given some priority being I had been waiting a long time?  Nope.
  • 2-5-10 Friday: Maintenance man comes, will come back with stove element.
  • 2-11-10 Thurs: Still waiting.

There’s no This Day In OUR History.  Stay strong.  There’s one for tomorrow.

I went to Walmart again.  One store has stuff the other doesn’t. 

I also stopped in a Lowe’s Food store.  Add Food Lion from yesterday and now I’ve added 2 more club cards to my collection.

Our new RV insurance carrier wanted photos of the inside and outside of the MoHo.  I stopped at the storage facility to snap some photos and assure the RV that I missed it too.  There was no response.

No news from the job lead I mentioned yesterday.  I emailed a follow up this afternoon and tomorrow I will call.

imageI have a large wide screen monitor on our desktop computer (which was in storage). Today I’ve noticed that with more screen real-estate the blog photos that are mixed into the text didn’t appear properly. The “photo” on the left is the kind of placement I’m talking about.  The wider the screen the more apt this is to run into the next paragraph.  I played around with the HTML which is time consuming because I don’t know what I’m doing.  I made a backup, changed a number, previewed it and if it didn’t have the desired effect, I changed it back.  Eventually I found a number that represented the right side margin.

Later on in the evening I received an email back from Henderson Properties:

I am sorry for your perception that the repairs you requested were in some way a burden to my organization.  I can assure you that this is not in any way consistent with the service we wish to provide to our customers in general, and in your experience specifically.  I thank you for being vocal and sharing your experience with me, I can assure you this issue will be used for future training purposes. 

It is my understanding that as of earlier today all outstanding issues have been addressed and completed in regards to your original maintenance request.

What has happened to service?


  1. What part of "I STILL DON'T HAVE MY BURNER" wasn't clear??? Sheesh!!

    The RV is giving you the silent treatment... ouch. Maybe because you've been calling her a Ho?

  2. I never thought of it that way. I should go apologize today.


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