2-22-10 Monday (Gobbling Meatloaf)

At 8:01 am, I awoke to thunder and lightning.  This may have been the first time I’ve heard thunder here.  I normally get up at this time anyway.  I looked outside and the soft rain didn’t match the thunder.  It was more “talk” than action.  That’s OK by me because I have a couple of errands to do today.

Since we left Jacksonville, the steps to the RV have been broken.  Jim took the old broken part off this past weekend so today with part in hand along with the stairs owner’s manual, I went to the RV parts store.  The linkage was in stock.  $40 


Next errand was BJ’s to make a return, and fill Jim’s car with some fuel.  Jim wanted some notebook type organizing stuff for work so off to Walmart I went. 

I fought with my laptop almost all day.  It had start up issues, then this and that wouldn’t work and finally I got the damn network card to work.  One problem lead to a domino effect. 

Animated-Turkey I forgot to tell you a little more about the meatloaf other than the rubber gloves.  Last night I made one of the loaves.  It was the first time I have ever used ground turkey and turkey sausage.  I also used stuffing mix instead of breadcrumbs which made it nice and firm.  I must say, all those turkey products – not bad.  Jim and I both enjoyed it.  A much healthier, low fat, less calorie meatloaf extravaganza. 

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  1. I LOVE using turkey and turkey sausage. It works great in Jambalaya, chili, and lasagna too. Larry requested lasagna for dinner tonight even though he won't be home from Birmingham until 10 pm. I guess that pretty much gives me all day to make it.



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