2-19-10 Friday (Trashy Food)

Sometime this weekend we’ll be going to an RV show.  Believe it or not, we’ve never been to one.  It’s not that we intentionally missed one, it’s just that while traveling we’ve missed the entire city while the show was in town.  We really have no business going to one of these shows, BUT Jim and I love looking at newer RVs.  We’ve talked about trading in the MoHo on something smaller and newer.  Now isn’t the time for that but I’m sure we’ll be tempted.  Never having been to a show, I’m not sure if we’ll be bombarded by salesman who want to make our camping dreams come true.  If they’re anything like the mall kiosk sales people, I think I’m fixing to be annoyed.

Animated RV 

Last night I started menu planning for the week.  I actually keep a Microsoft Word document in my computer with a list of meal ideas.  If I try something new and like it, I add it to the list.  Anal retentive – I know.  Well, I did it because it’s hard to think of things to make.  Having a list serves as reminders.  It’s like going out to eat and asking your other half where they wanna go.  They reply “I don’t know, where do you want to go?”  The list avoids that scenario. 


I think the list is pretty weak right now but as I think of stuff, I add to it.  Hey I try.  I pick a meal, assign it to a day and then write down the appropriate ingredients onto the shopping list.  This prevents us from over stocking the pantry, fridge/freezer.  When we moved into the RV we threw out so much expired food.  When’s the last time you checked all the crap in your pantry?

We have to be “good” this weekend.  We certainly over ate at the Chinese Buffet yesterday, so making smart choices this weekend is key. 

Dasher I gave Dasher a bath and washed all the pet bedding today.  He absolutely hates baths.  With each bath, I must get creative with my preparations.  He relates certain tasks with bath time.  Getting a towel, getting undressed (I usually get into the tub with him), etc.  If he spots a sign of a possibly bath, he runs for cover.  It was impossible for him to hide in the RV but in a house, it was under a bed or something.  He’s a butt-head.

DIH - Animated Arrow My Mom was finally (after so many hospital visits) diagnosed with C-Diff.  She has gotten the same doctor that our family has had a run in with previously.  Ugh.
*See last year’s post here.

Well my post has become inaccurate on several accounts.  We skipped the gym and went to the RV show this evening.  It was a BOGO for a Friday night with free reentry for Saturday.  We didn’t make it through the entire show.  We’ll have to go back tomorrow.

Jim and I enjoyed ourselves.  Who needed the gym anyway with all the up and down steps to go into RV’s.  We put our attention mostly on bumper pull trailers.  That might just be our next RV purchase.  They have some that even our Cherokee can pull.  Most likely, we’d buy a newer trailer (in the future) and trade the Jeep in on something a little larger.

The show chased us out at about 9pm.  We printed a coupon from our entertainment.com for a BOGO to a Cajun Restaurant in the Uptown area.  Parking.  Ugh.  In big cities it’s bit us in the ass before.  We have a coupon and end up paying parking.  That would have been the case tonight for $5!  I said forget it and off to a Longhorn in our neighborhood we went. 

image We were seated immediately (no surprise at 9:15pm).  We walked passed the kitchen where I thought I spotted food and garbage all over the floor.  I continued on to the table and then it hit me.  I told Jim about it, walked back over to the kitchen doorway and saw the trash along with what seemed like too many employees in such a tight space.  They trampled the trash.  Someone asked if I needed something to which I replied “the manager”.  The manager (a woman that I wish I could remember her name) came out quickly.  I had an audience going as I pointed out the trash and food on the floor exclaiming “that’s disgusting!”  She apologized and said she’d have it cleaned up.  I told her it didn’t matter, we wouldn’t be staying.  I “retrieved” Jim (he was at the table) and we left.  Jim agreed that for as disgusting as that was for what we can see… what can’t we see?

image We went to Five Guys Burgers instead.  Yum.  By the way, I looked up Longhorn’s sanitation score.  It was a 90 + 2 (education credit) = 92.  That’s not really that good.  Five Guys was 102!  I also copied a portion of this blog and pasted it to Longhorn corporate. 

Here’s some photos:

IMG_0001Above: I absolutely love that we’re 15 minutes away from uptown.  Here’s the skyline which can be seen just 5 minutes away from our house.

 IMG_0004 IMG_0006

 IMG_0007 Above: This was taken before we went downstairs and into the show.


  1. The pic of the RV show looks like pics you see of those pop up suburban neighborhoods where the houses all look the same.

    Funny about the bath- and I have to laugh that you get in the tub with Dasher. You share sunny nap spots, bath tubs... what else?

  2. Stuffed peppers is another good one...stir fry with chicken, pork or beef...I have a great recipe for fish tacos...kebobs on the grill (swordfish works great!)...paella....

  3. @Norma: Jim hates peppers, tomatoes (unless ketchup or sauce) and celery. I thought about kabobs the other day (I saw them premade at Target). I had to Google Paella. Sounds interesting.

  4. You need to add salmon fillets to that fish list. It is our go-to meal when we don't know what to fix. Easy to prepare in a variety of ways. We use the Foreman Grill for a total of 4 minutes and it is perfect. We buy it fresh but at times get a big bag of frozen fillets from Sams. Healthy, too.

  5. Umm, Before you go buy a new camper, lets talk. :P I know you guys love the independence and all that jazz, but hey, take advantage of some other peoples knowledge...


  6. @John: Thanks we will. We probably wouldn't buy new but maybe you can help us with used too.

  7. I LOVE FIVE GUYS. Despite reading "Eat This, Not That", I still order the bacon cheeseburger every time. MMM.


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