2-1-10 Monday (Flashback of Flashbacks)

Maybe it’s goofy, maybe it’s fun, maybe it’s something Jim and I will enjoy more than the readers but I’ve decided to do a “this day in history” blurb on each entry.  Not national history or anything like that.  It will be a short synopsis of who, what and where we were a year ago.  

This Day In OUR HistoryA year ago we were in Folsum, CA.  We visited my Aunt Claudia, went to the Folsum City Zoo together and I got to marvel at my Aunt’s collection of photographs.  Good memories!

Well, unlike my entries, I plan to keep it short and sweet.  What do you think?  If you happened to have clicked on the “A year ago” link above, it would take you to last year’s entry.  What’s bizarre is that the entry happened to have been called “Flashbacks”.  I about fell over when I went to look up 2-1-09.  

Jim had a large bag of button down shirts that he mentioned he would be taking to the cleaners to be laundered and pressed.  I volunteered to wash and iron all of them.  They came out pretty good but I couldn’t find my spray starchy stuff.  I think the spray starch was really really really old anyways.   Anyone have an ironing tips, tricks, good products or the like?

Time-Warner called me back today and fixed the bill.  Everytime they screw up the bill seems to get lower.  We owe $56.78.  I’m not really sure how it’s so low for cable, internet, and phone but I doubt that will be the monthly charge.  I’m sure it’s too good to be true and that there is an impending cable disaster brewing.

I followed up with the dealer/owner I met with the other day.  He didn’t seem to remember who I was.  My name is unique.  There’s probably not many Garret’s he may have spoken with recently.  I think with the month having just ended yesterday, he was busy beyond belief.  He sounded a bit frazzled and apologized for that.  I told him I would send him and email with my information.  I offered to do that so he’d have my info again and would be reminded of who I was.


  1. LOVE the new feature!! Very cool!!

    Weird about the dealer guy not remembering you. First of all, your name. Second of all- you're YOU! How could he forget such a brush with greatness?? I'm starting to feel a bit wary of this guy...

    Homemade spray starch- water and cornstarch!


  2. Thanks for the new feature kudos. I've been playing with icons/logos/etc for my "This Day In OUR History". I'll cycle through a bunch I made over the next week.

    The dealer guy... yeah, strange. Maybe he didn't expect me to call. I know I was definitely memorable because I wore pink hot pants. Thanks for the compliment.

    Homemade spray starch? Can't I just buy the stuff?

  3. Um, well, did you introduce yourself as ERIK like you're supposed to? ;)

  4. I have been reading your blog for quite some time..love it!! Thanks for taking the time to write and update..


  5. Sorry about the dealer dude. In general he seems kind of too much on Pluto for my taste.

    As for the "A Year Ago" feature... I think it's marvy. Kind of like sitting on the porch, drinking lemonade and reminiscing with the girls.

    Good idea Errrrrik. I'm looking forward to reliving some of your adventures.

  6. @Norma: Damn... that's where I went wrong!

    @Maryann: Hi Maryann and thanks!

    @Alix: Yeah, it's OK there's other stuff out there.... I hope. Hard Lemonade?

  7. Love the new feature! I missed this post and had to back up, but the later one about Lake Tahoe caught me as my ex and I really enjoyed going there from CA. Beautiful area. Re the motels - my folks were with us on one trip and we found out there was NO TV in the rooms. When Dad asked about it, the clerk gave him a strange look and said, "Who watches TV in Lake Tahoe?"

    I wish you better luck with the next maintenance requests, and hope you get that fireplace fixed!!!

    Nancy in Iowa


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