2-23-10 Tuesday (Prepare To Be Boarded!)

I spent the entire day working on my laptop.   I have found one of the problems on the internet with several solutions that haven’t worked for me.  I’m going to try a little more today and then contact my personal computer guru friend, Dave.  Great, now he won’t answer the phone.  Maybe I should call him first, post later.

DIH - Dreamer A year ago on this day, my Mom was released from the hospital.  My Uncle Alan has been admitted to Hospice.  He’s doing terribly.  My Grandmother is obviously distraught.  This will be her second child she’ll lose.

I found an interesting recipe in another crock pot cookbook that we have.  This book hasn’t gotten as much use as our other.  The recipe is very strange (click the photo to enlarge):


The verdict.  I thought it was OK but needed “something” for some more flavor.  Jim said it was flavorless and not to bother keeping the leftovers or trying to tweak the recipe.  LOL.

The job hunt?  Don’t ask.  Oh, you didn’t.  Well, I’ve followed up with the lead that I thought went well and I think it’s dead now.  I emailed and called the director on February 12th.  He replied “Yes you are still a candidate Garret, we are still interviewing prior to making a decision.”  

I was impressed with a letter I got from the president of Larry Jay Mitsubishi.  Check it out (click on the picture to enlarge or get a magnifying glass or stop getting old or whatever):


CareerBuilder sent me my list of potential job matches.  Check out this page:


I always wanted to be a pirate, 2nd only to my astronaut accomplishment.  I clicked on it.  It’s a direct marketing company. 

Back to messing with the laptop, followed by the gym and then some TV.


  1. Oh for the love of God... I have that Busy People's Slow Cooker cookbook too. What the hell is wrong with us, Garret? It's abysmal. Horrible. I can't believe you even cooked from it. And Chicken a la King? Seriously? Are you still living in the 60's?

    I think we should have a cookbook burning ceremony and toss our copies into the bonfire. Whaddaya say?

    As for the Mitsubishi letter... did he actually sign off with Peace? Eeeeew. That's just creepy. Be glad you don't work for that icky person.

  2. But you you well beyond entry level piracy??

  3. As a devoted reader, I say this with love. Are you sure that listing wasn't meant to be "Entry Level Butt Pirates?"

  4. Hi Garret (and Jim), been following your blog for a little while, don't remember now where I first saw it, but I do get a kick out of your writing and photos. That car dealership guy is a jackass (actually, I can think of "better" names for him, but I'm trying to be nice here). Just don't give up, it may take a while...you're in a very big boat with a lot of other people in this country right now. If you come across some really GOOD crockpot recipes, NOT chicken ala king, I'd love to see them. Made some awesome spaghetti sauce from scratch (in the crockpot) in our RV yesterday while listening to the rain and wind howling..a good kind of day for spaghetti, don't you think?

  5. @Alix: Yeah and I like how it's 7 ingredients or less and then the remainder is "optional". Very creative though.

    Let's burn the book and our bras too.

    Yes, he said peace.

    @Liz: Huh?

    @Michelle: Wow, so many peace haters. No wonder we're at war. Peace.

    @Beardsley: Thanks for showing your "face". Sometimes there are ads for butt pirates, however, that's in my naughty books. :-)

    @In The Wind: My what a long name. Thanks to you for showing your "face" as well. So cool! So now I'm thinking if I don't burn the book I need to at least rip out the chicken a la king recipe out. I loved rain in the RV. Sometimes heavy wind and rain made me feel like we were on a boat instead. Yikes. A good day to sleep or make sauce. :-)

  6. You should totally force Jim to eat Chicken A La King EVERY tuesday. While dressed as a pirate.

  7. It's William (aka Big Will) and Mary Ann...but, since I write the blog, you can just call me Mary Ann and forget the big long-ass blog title. :-)
    Do you like curry? I LOVE it! Was thinking that some good curry powder, not too much, just enough, would have made that chicken ala king taste awesome, especially if served over Basmati rice?

  8. I'm not a big curry guy and Jim pretty much hates it. :-)

  9. High fives to Chef Green. Chicken a la King Tuesdays in costume! Go for it!

    @ In the wind: I love me some curry! The boys like beans and five ingredient dishes. What can you do?


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