2-8-09 Sunday (Beaver Crossing)

We got a late start but we certainly did a lot of walking. Our legs were almost recovered from yesterday's adventures. Some of the walking is difficult because of the hills. It's a terrible strain on the legs but I know they hurt because they got a good exercise.

Today we drove into San Francisco. Jim had the walking tours already planned out for today.  Our first stop was Union Square.

Above: Inside the Palace Hotel dining room.  Beautiful.  A buffet lunch per person is $68.00.  As I walked out of this exclusive hotel, I couldn't help but to look angrily at Jim and state in a loud voice, "I can't believe our room wasn't ready yet!" 

Above: Crocker Galleria.... O-la-la elite shopping.  It was closed today.  I was so bummed because I wanted to buy something.  OK, not really. 

 Above: Just humorous.  The pocket was wrinkly.  Looks like it could use an iron despite the sign.

 Above: A grand entrance to Chinatown.

Above: The streets were full with people and vendor booths as part of the Chinese New Year. 

Above: A little snack for Jim and I.  They were pretty good. 

Above: Excuse the glare.  There are so many Chinese shop windows with fowl hanging in them.  I wanted a closer look and am sad that I did.  You'll be sad too.  If you look closely, these birds have been cooked with head and all.  It's sick.  Yeah, I wished someone would have warned me too.  Again, the scary thing is these are all over the place.

 Above: Ewwwwwwwww.

 Above: On the side of a building overlooking Duboce Park.  "The American Dream starts with the neighborhood" by Harvey Milk.
Above:  I'm not going to explain this.  This is a very gay neighborhood and these cross streets are NOE- BEAVER.


  1. Looks like you had quite an interesting day! EW! on the chickens and lol about Noe Beaver!

  2. I'd forgotten about that lovely part of Chinatown... the hanging carcasses in the windows. Blah. Blech. Really makes you wonder how they kill the birds if they don't chop off their heads... don't wanna go there.

    Noe-Beaver. I don't get it? ;)


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