2-12-10 Friday (Dear So And So)

Dear Neighbor To Our Left,

2010-02-11 05 What the hell is your problem concerning your trash can?  Trash pickup is Tuesday.  You let it sit out until Thursday or Friday each week.  The other day I heard a noise, looked out the window and saw that you or a visitor had hit the trash can while backing up.  I saw you laugh.  I saw you put it back at the curb instead of to your house.  Wednesday it was so windy your trashcan blew into our driveway.  I moved it back to yours.  You’re a lazy idiot.


Neighborhood Watch

Dear Neighbor To Our Right,

2010-02-11 04 Congratulations on having your Christmas lights up.  Oh, they’re such pretty icicle lights.  It’s so smart to be ready in advance.  Christmas seems to sneak up earlier and earlier each year.  Forgive me for cutting this short, I want to get to the store for some New Year’s champagne before it’s all gone.


The Unprepared Neighbor


Dear Neighbor Even More To Our Right,

I’m glad that you only had your car up on jack stands for 2 days.  Well actually, all four on jack stands for day 1 and then only two on day 2.  It was awfully nice to see as I came/went from my home.


Wondering Where The Home Owner’s Association Is


Dear Body Fat,

Please… just go.  You’re not welcome here.

Short & Not Sweet,

Hater Of Body Fat


Dear Angel,

Thank you for winning over Devil yesterday.  It was difficult passing that McDonald’s and thinking how one little ole DOUBLE Quarter Pounder with cheese wouldn’t hurt.  When I began rationalizing why I thought I deserved it, you prevailed.  Thank you again!

Sincerely Yours,

McFat Lover

2010-02-11 06

Dear Dryer,

I know you’re not mine.  You’re part of the rental deal.  I understand that.  I’m just not sure why any manufacturer would think it to be a good idea to locate the lint screen at the top of the dryer.  Everytime I pull your screen out, lint flies to and fro.  Please keep your lint to yourself. 


Mr. Lint-Hater

2010-02-11 07

Dear Club Cards,

I still hate you all (except for my gym card and Friday’s Card).  You suck.  Why can’t I get a discount without you?

Hatefully Yours,

Card Carrying Schmuck

Dear So and So...

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DIH - Krispy Kreme We arrived to Oakhurst, CA a year ago.  After a beautiful scenic drive to the campground, we set up the RV, ate dinner and then I discovered some family issues brewing in Florida.  Jim and I decided it would be best for us to go to San Diego the next day and then I’d fly out.


  1. You are mean! lol

  2. Next time the can blows into your space, drag it up to their front door and leave it there. They might get the hint.

    I have to admit- our bushes still have lights and our little train is still out front. In the snow. Out where it was 9 degrees this morning. Once we get a nice warm up and the ground isn't muddy from the warm up... once we don't have snow and frozen solid ground... then we will put the stuff away. We haven't truned them ON since New Year's. But they won't come down just right yet...

  3. Uh Liz our neighbors don't have their lights on either. It's still tacky! I saw your decor in your last series of photos and thought "Christmas decorations. It must be some where else. Not Liz."

  4. How convenient,,,You can use their can as you pull in and out of your driveway...Any stray bits of trash in the car?? Deposit it in their can...Glue a fake really ugly stuffed animal to the inside bottom of it...and keep an eye out to see their reaction when they think some beast has taken up residence

  5. Nancy, you're whack. :-) I haven't even taken a picture of the old washer and dryer sitting outside (uncovered) in the back of their house. Why don't they call up and get it hauled away. Most sanitation companies will do it at no charge.

  6. I have a visual of the washer and dryer...actually I have my own personal version...the neighbors next door have the very same thing...but blessing of blessings...they are OUT...no money no free rent...Today is the last day...now I just have a curb of their stuff until it gets hauled off on Thursday...I hope the new neighbor's (if and when) are not drunk, druggie,domestic violent people...ie:white trash...hey you could take a load of used shitty clothes over and put them in the machine and stand around kicking it and screaming at it...when they come out to check on the fuss...act like an okie and say you thought it was the neighborhood laundromat...

  7. @Nancy: LOL. I have a visual of me doing that.


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