2-7-10 Sunday (Empty Mexican Food)

For a Sunday, it’s odd that we made it to the gym.  It was empty there and we worked out hard.  Chest, back, core and stair master.  I did better this time on the stair master.  I only had to pause once!  Yay for me.   I’m hoping for some good boobilage pain in the next day or so.  You know - no pain, no gain?

image We met up with Doug and Bill.  They drove us around various neighborhoods around town.  It was too early for dinner so we all strolled around the South Park mall.  After some shopping, we used a restaurant.com certificate at 1900 Mexican Grill & Restaurant.  We all enjoyed our food and will be back in the future.  Maybe because it was Superbowl Sunday but the place was dead.  We may have been the only ones there at the start of the evening.

 2010-02-07 04 Above: Doug at a mall kiosk surrounded by Israeli women who want to make a sale.

2010-02-07 05 Above: At the restaurant.  Bottom left – clockwise.  Jim, Garret, Bill and Doug.

  2010-02-07 06

The pets at Doug and Bill’s house.  Above: Moe.  Below: Chloe.

 2010-02-07 07 

Once we called it a night, we came home and I started tomorrow night’s dinner.  I’m making a new crockpot recipe “Mexican Beef Stew”.  I like the ingredients so I’m hoping for the best.  I’ll let you know tomorrow if I think it’s a keeper and then I’ll post the recipe.  One step was to coat the stew meat with flour and brown.  This step didn’t thrill me as I hate to cook as a step of cooking… know what I mean?  Anyway, I got that part done, chopped the onion, combined the other ingredients and into the refrigerator it all went.  Tomorrow morning I’ll get the crock onto the heating element and hope for some magic.  I may serve it on a bed of brown rice.  We’ll see.

DIH - WallWith City Walks walking tour cards in hand, we followed self-guiding tours of The Farmer’s Market, Civic Center, etc.  My feet hurt just thinking about it.  One of my favorite photos came from this day – The Painted Ladies.  I snapped so many funny photos on this day as well.  Click on the photo to the left to see for yourself.


  1. I want to be just like you when I grow up! I want to be a freaking housewife damnit!!! DAMNIT! That is my career goal. I wonder if I should print up a resume with that as the catchy 'objective' portion?

    Ah, a life of gyms, boyfriends, couples dinners and crockpots. Sounds lovely.

    PS those Israeli women (touting some undead sea mineral shit I'm sure?) are seriously the new version of the used car salesman. They just have boobs and call gay men "girlfriend."

  2. Garret, you don't serve stew over rice! You use thick hearty bread to sop up all the wonderful juices1

  3. @Chef: Oh, I don't think housewife is on any career list though otherwise there would be a college course for it. Home Economics doesn't count. Those Israeli women were fierce. Glad 3 out of 4 of us got away.

    @Wayne: I know Wayne, I know. I LOVE bread. I'd even do noodles for a second choice with stew. Rice because it's Mexican and #2 healthier.

  4. Um hellooooooo? Gone are the days of throwing everything in the crock and turning it on. Now you have to go through eighteen steps before you get to actually combine the ingredients.

    It's like fake crock-potting. But the food generally tastes a lot better. So I say - prep that shit!

    Chef Green would want it that way.

    Snorted wine at Boobilege!


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