2-7-09 Saturday (Street Walkers)

Today we went into San Francisco. My feet hurt so much. My left leg has a Charlie Horse in it and has for the last 2 hours. Now I'll tell you what we did to get those! We used the City Walks walking tour cards we purchased the last time. On 1 side of the card is the description and the other side is a map of the walk. I scanned the description side. Sorry if they aren't very readable. If it bothers you so much, buy a set.

The Farmer's Market area was very cool. We both liked it a lot. We bought some junkfood here. Of course. It was peanut butter filled, chocolate covered pretzels dipped in toffee crumbles. It was locally made and delightful. It encompassed all of the things we like in one yummy package.

Above/Below: Inside the market.

Above: Yes, the Farmer's Market even had a caviar cafe.

Above: Take notice of the sign that reads "Cosmetically Challenged..."

Above: Outdoor booths are all over the place.

Above: Us on BART headed to our next walking tour.

Above: City Hall

Above: We ate here at "It's Tops" based on someone's recommendation. Greasy, icky, burgers and onion rings.

Above: The Painted Ladies. 7 colorful victorian homes.

Above: Corona Park, not much landscaping but a hell of a view.

Above/Below: Buena Vista park is amazingly beautiful. Not just the views but the dense landscaping make it feel like a rain forest. Amazing.

The whole area is so cool. A 60's area? Yep. It's amazing San Francisco has all of these districts/areas within.

Above: Jerry Garcia's house.

It has been a long day. I heated up the first tray of low fat lasagna. It came out damn good and tasty!

Here's some fun photos from today.

Above: At a gas station. "new fridge mate EZ pack". What's so new about this? It's been around for like 15 years or so.

Above: At a Walgreens. The containers blocked the restroom door. We had to turn sideways to get in. These weren't public restrooms, they were in the backroom, but still. I snapped a photo and an employee got mad. I told her I wasn't from around here and that it was a tight squeeze and funny. She wasn't amused so I told her I took the picture to report a violation. Still not amused.

Restrooms were difficult to come by on our walking tours. Jim would go into a store, get ready to buy a soda and if they didn't have a restroom to use, he'd walk out. We did that at Subway. We even had cookies picked out. I guess the homeless is a big issue.

Above: I couldn't remember if Jim and I had done the hang-off-the-cable-car thingy so here it is.

Above: A radio faceplate laying on a tree trunk. I could get an music to come out. I even changed the station. Jim stood aside in case it was a GIANT dancing tree or something. It wasn't.

Above: Aardvark's store front on Haight street. Yes, Mr. Magoo is in a dress.


  1. Great post- love the pics! And giggled a lot at the handicapped restroom story!

    I bet a man-bag would have come in handy on this set of excursions!

  2. Great postings today....loved all the pics of SF and your tours...looks like a great time....by the way the new EZ fridge packs that you made fun of are new because they only have 8 cans in them instead of 12 and they charge you the same price...clever, huh?

  3. @Liz: Jim is in charge of the knapsack. :-)

    @CB: Thanks. I'm glad I don't drink soda. I took a lot of photos but picked out my favorites.


  4. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey, that row of colonials were in lots of movies....Mrs Doubtfire comes to mind because we just watched it. Love you guys.

  6. @laurie: Jim says the painted Ladies are also in the opening credits of Full House.

  7. The pictures are great - i like the picture of the 2 of you on the BART - so cute!!


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