2-1-09 Sunday (Flashbacks)

I've woken up with a sore throat and kinda achy. I'm having that out of body feeling but I think I'll be fine. Thanks for askin'. Time to get a move on and meet up with my Aunt Claudia.

A fun thing about my Aunt Claudia. She's got picture frames ALL OVER the house. None are on the wall, all are on horizontal surfaces. She doesn't change them out. When she gets a new photo, she just buys a new frame. I thing she's crazy. Too much to clean! She's got 2-3 pictures of me around. One of which I was like 8 or something. Today I took some pictures of her pictures. I don't know the dates of them but I'll post them anyways.

Above: Me and my Dad. Below: My Mom and Dad and me.

Below: Me and my Mom

After some photo reminiscing, we went to the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. It's a small place, with mostly rescued animals but very well kept. I enjoyed it. I took a lot of photos but with the cages, and the shadowing, they didn't come out that well.

My aunt is very tiny and she drives this large SUV that has a lift kit. She traded vehicles with her daughter is how that came to be. It was funny watching her get in and out of this beast. Below are the zoo photos. Yeah, only 2 what were worth a damn.

Back to Aunt Claudia's for more reminiscing and then off to dinner at Mimi's Cafe. Jim and I had only been to a Mimi's once. The food was good, the service was terrible. Anyway, the Mimi's here was delicious and the service was supurb. That server was spot on!

Oh, and my aunt loaded us up with baked goods last night (Chocolate chip cookies and a full Grasshopper Pie) and then again today with some other yummy cookies that we forgot the name of. Last night we ate all the cookies, and part of the pie. Once we got home we ate all of the cookies she gave us. There were a lot of them. If Aunt Claudia is reading this then she already knows we're pigs BUT isn't it flattering?

Just some more photo's below. The first 3 are of her 3 dogs.

Chisai (Little one in Japanese), he had that name when he was a pup. He grew to be VERY big.

Deagan - Boxer-Pit mix.
Sara - Boxer-Pit mix.

Below are a couple of photos of my Aunt Claudia and I:


  1. I've never seen a peacock in a tree, only on the ground. Very cool.

    You were an adorable baby! Love all the old pics and seeing your parentals. Very cool.

    Your aunt has cutie-patootie puppies. Very cool.

    Garret and Jim. Very. Cool.

  2. This is an irrelevant comment to this post (I'll come back and do it right later), but...

    Was that YOUR ballooney mess birthday cake submission on Cake Wrecks? Jen mentions Garret A. and I flipped. I was hooting and hollering and then I noticed your comment which didn't sound like you were the submitter. Have I lost my mind (this question does not require a sarcastic answer, but I will understand, if you must)?


  3. Cutie Patootie is right! ... oh wait, Liz was talking about the dogs. Well, YOU were a cutie Patootie too, Garret! Love the pics of your parents in the 60s too!

  4. @Joanie: 60's? Bite me. I was born in 1970.... how about you? Yeah, that's what I thought. AARP called, they need your recent address.



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