Grateful to have…

So, we’ve moved in.  We still have things to get put away, new routines to discover and a whole new city to explore. 

I made a list of things that Jim and I are grateful to have since moving out of the RV.  

 Fan Lady

  1. Bed – Ala king size is more like it.  Did you know that many RV’s have an RV sized queen?  Well, it’s 5 inches shorter than standard queen size.  It’s probably used in RV bedrooms without a slide out, such as ours.
  2. Laundry – A regular, full size, normal operating washer and dryer.  Separate units too!  Now I can do laundry once a week instead of daily.  I can actually get a load done in an hour instead of 3.  (Jim here, I will be grateful to not have to hear that damn washer running all the time.)
  3. Fridge – A normal refrigerator that doesn’t use some strange ammonia chemical process to cool my food at the speed of snail is wonderful!  Also having more room and can actually fit a pizza box in it is a plus.
  4. Power – I can run a vacuum, microwave, produce ice, run the a/c, and dry clothes all at the same time.  So modern.
  5. Flush – No more toilet treatment chemicals, or dumping black water.  Yay!
  6. Earthquakes – Yeah, that’s what it feels like in the RV when someone walks.  With the jacks down to stabilize it still shimmy’s a little.
  7. Water Flow – It’s next to impossible to run any other faucet while showering.  Using water filters is a pain in the ass too.  Water pressure seems to decline as the filter ages.
  8. Counter Space – I’ve gotten used to the tiny kitchen workspace I have but I’m looking forward to spreading out!
  9. Oven – A standard RV oven is tiny but does the job.  It will be handy to fit more items in it at one time in the house.
  10. Garbage Disposal – Maybe I just missed the thought of grinding food bits up in my drain and wondering how long it would take to chop up a body and dispose of it a little at a time.  Maybe I was tired of scraping plates in a trash can and hoping it wouldn’t stink up the place.  You decide.
  11. Fenced Yard – No more dog walking.  Dog walking sucks when it’s very cold or very hot.  It also sucks when Dasher has just enough pee (more typical than not) to mark 10 more things.  Making it worse is that each trickle of pee is an “event”.  It’s apparently important to make sure each item is worthy of his pee.
  12. Recliner – Ahhhhhhhh.


  1. A good reminder, Garret. I'm thankful for all those things and I've not lived in an RV.

    It's really such a cool thing that you guys did. What an amazing experience! And now you can up and vacation around the country in a portable home any time you feel like it- because you know what you are doing, you've been there, done that!

  2. I'll comment on the photo, you geek.

    Nice womanly hands! But we discovered that dainty and feminine aspect of your physique when you were last here, didn't we?

    And I'm getting tired of that photo... It's the one you used in your Scarecrow of Oz dance number. But you do look kind of Christopher Columbus meets Madame Butterfly chic. Love the fan.

  3. Love the handlebar mustache and the elegant hand!

    I bet the house feels like mansion compared to the RV! Enjoy all that wonderful space!

  4. OK, OK, rub it in, why don't you. But where is the fun and challenge in all of this? (Oh you left out, constantly going out to fill the propane, and trying to stay warm, with the paper thin walls of an RV)
    Ken from Tampa

  5. Comment on the photo? MMmmmmmkay...

    I have to wonder what's going on in the part of the image we can't see that is creating that look on your face and forcing you to fan yourself! Lawdy! The vapors!


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