1-24-10 Sunday & 1-25-10 Monday

I need some suggestions.  I’ll continue to blog but wondering if I should start a new one.  The original purpose of the blog was to document our trip and stay in touch with our loved ones.  If you think I should start a new one, what do you think it should be called?  Please file this “needs a resolution” between world hunger and world peace.

I mailed my resume and a cover letter to a local dealership owner before Christmas.  In it, I stated I’d be moving to the area and would be available for work mid to late January.  No reply.  Today, I did some internet sleuthing, found his email address, updated the cover letter and emailed it out to him.  I got a reply that he’d like to talk.  The email was short yet just want I was hoping to hear:

“Garret,wonderful to get your email,lets try to get together…”

Later in the day I called him as instructed but he was busy so we’re going to talk on Tuesday.  Wish me luck.

In other dazzling news, I cleaned light fixtures!  I know, I know.  It seems like this information should get a post all of it’s own.


  1. I was wondering when you'd change the name of the blog now that your 'settled'. But I was too nice to say anything. ;-)
    How about something original, like Garret's World. Catchy right?
    Okay so maybe not. So how about Jim and Garret..our lives...the Charlotte Chapter. Then you wouldn't need a new blog, just a remake and continuation.
    What ever you choose, I'll keep reading.

  2. Your blog addy can stay the same... Jim and Garret. But a new heading / title would be ok.

    Jim and Garret Grow Up (heehee)

    Floridians' First Flight (reference to Florida and to NC)

    Tarheels and Sunshine
    (same as above- state references)

    Gonna keep thinking on it...

  3. How about "Jim & Garret....Back to the Work World."

  4. So I don't know you at ALL, I only started reading your blog like a month or two ago (I think) but for some really weird reason I love it. Don't stop! I get a kick out of reading of your daily activities and rants and everything!!! And if you switch to a different blog you better damn well post the new addy cuz I'm coming with!

  5. I like this blog, and I am sure you will RV in the future so my vote is for you guys to stay as lovely as you are.

  6. @Wayne: Catchy? I was thinking tacky. Just kidding. Thanks!

    @Liz: LOL. Wow, almost a contest only no prize. ;-)

    @Pearlish: Don't depress me.

    @Rina: Welcome and thank you so much!

    @Charleen: Lovely? Well, sugar, thanks {said in my best southern accent which by the way could win me some blogger award for best accent}.

  7. I think a new blog might be fun. After all you are on the threshold of your new life in North Carolina, so what better time to shift content?

    As for names, so many many many naughty ones come to mind...

  8. The name doesn't matter - although I like the one above mentioning a "New Chapter". Just keep writing. I read you first every morning! What a great way to start my day.

  9. Thanks Lori Anne! That's certainly nice to hear!

  10. I started reading your blog because I was looking for a gay perspective on full-time RVing, but I really enjoy your blog even now that you're putting down roots, so please keep blogging. You write well and I'd miss my daily/occasional Garret hit. You don't need to be in an RV to have misadventures, after all :-)

  11. Thanks aborovoy. We hope to take weekend RVing adventures. :-)

  12. You should change your title to "Adventures of a Male Housewife."
    That's all.
    Do it now.


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