12-30-09 Wednesday (The Move)

Moving day!  ABF was supposed to call us 1 hour prior to arrival.  This is the second time they’ve not called us.  The driver called and said he was at the rental house.  I told him Jim was in the shower and then can be there in about 20 minutes.  The ABF depot called and said I told them Jim can be there in 45 minutes.  I just love how the story changes.  AND the odd thing is that THEY said they’d call us.  Anyway, Jim showered and headed to the house.  After I showered, gathered up cleaning supplies and what-nots, I met Jim at the house.

I arrived.  Jim had a lot of the house cleaned with the cleaning supplies he grabbed.  The movers (3 of them) arrived at noon.  I cleaned.  All was moved out of the truck in about 4 hours.

2009-12-30 11Above: Empty boxes in the garage.  Unfortunately, some items wouldn’t fit through the door without being unboxed.

 2009-12-30 12Above: Family Room.

 2009-12-30 13Above: Kitchen/dinette.

 2009-12-30 14Above: Formal dining room has been blocked off.  Formal living room and dining room furniture will be stored in here.

 2009-12-30 15Above: We labeled the rooms so we could tell the moving guys where to put stuff.

 2009-12-30 16Above: The office nook.  The giant corner pieces wouldn’t fit up the stairs. smile_sad

 2009-12-30 17Above: The guest room.

 2009-12-30 18Above: A spare bedroom that will be used for storage.

 2009-12-30 19 Above: Master bedroom.

After the movers left, we worked at unpacking some essentials.  We went to the RV, gathered up the dog and then headed to the house, ordered a pizza, created a run on sentence, waited a really really long time for a really cold pizza (Domino’s you suck), ate, unpacked some more, made the bed, and then finally went to bed.  We got to sleep in the new house!  How spacious. 


  1. But the really important part... what does Dasher think of his new back yard?? How is Clea adjusting? Or is she still in the RV?

  2. Dasher is getting used to it. He likes it. He's also getting used to having an upstairs. :-)

    The cats are still in the RV. We have to figure out how and where to set up the cat food.

  3. You have a lot of work ahead, but won't it be fun when you are all unpacked and starting this new phase in your lives?

  4. OMG! A whole house. Two stories. Real furniture. A fenced in yard. Fireplace! How are you going to get used to stretching out after living in a cramped RV for over a year? When will my guest room be ready?

  5. G and J, your pictures bring back many moving memories. I'm glad that's behind us now and hopefully for a long time!

    I would think you will not want to move for quite a while!

    Happy New Year!

  6. I can't wait to see the pictures of the house all finished! Love the man lamp in the bedroom!

  7. Congrats on the move! I hate packing, but I love unpacking.


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