1-11-10 Monday (Why So Long In The Toilet?)

Today is Jim’s first day at work!  Off he went.  I got up when he did.  Nice and early.   Time-Warner is coming out between 11 and 1 so I’ll get a few errands done before that time window.  So I thought.  I went to Ikea to make a return.  They don’t open until 10am.  Damn it!  I’ll catch Ikea later and go to Sam’s for now.  They don’t open until 10am either.  Damn it – again.  I gave up and went home to await the Time-Warner appointment.

A woman showed up to do the install.  She was nice.  Just when I thought it was going to be just sliding the card in, the whole process took about an hour.  Most of that was awaiting for the card to receive firmware updates and then Tivo to receive channel updates.  I think it all could have been a self install with the proper instructions though.  That’s OK, I didn’t have to pay and Dasher enjoyed the installer’s attention.

Last week I griped about my long issues with Time-Warner/Duke Energy/allconnect.  See it here.   Well, today the strangest, yet cool thing happened.  I received a phone call from an allconnect representative apologizing for all of the confusion stating that she read the blog and wanted to clarify some events.  Huh?  Read the blog?  There were no threats, no bribes.  She truly wanted to improve their process.  When I place my initial order, the guy at Duke Energy said to hold for the 3rd party verification.  I held.  I got disconnected.  I looked at the website status and it looked like it was going to be just fine but in reality, that’s probably why the phone got screwed up.  She’s said that’s the kind of things they can fix for future customer’s.  A fail safe of sorts to ensure it doesn’t happen again.  All of that – now that’s customer service.  She took responsibility, apologized, was sincere, and pledged to make the world their service a better place.

I eventually made it back to Sam’s and Ikea.  I even got to Walmart, Target and the DMV.  Yep, I proved my middle name to the DMV bitch.  A bitch she was.  Personality of a tree stump.  I went to the next personality challenged wench and had my photo taken.

Face 4 

Last night, Jim caught Clea and Dasher cuddling on the bed:

IMG_0002 IMG_0005

Here’s a bedroom photo with some cheap drapes up.  They’re light blocking drapes which will be good for summer months, napping and the like.


In Kmart, I took the photo below and quite frankly wondered.  What’s with the huge toilet tank.  Are any really that tall or were they trying to fill the gap between the shelves and an average toilet tank?  Anyone ever seen a toilet tank this tall?



  1. The toilet is weird- I have to wonder if they photo shopped the entire thing to better fit the packaging? Very strange. I like that shelf thing though- we have one similar but it has one shelf, cabinet, another shelf. I think I'd like the 2 shelf then cabinet config.

    LOVE the pic- so fabulously you, dahling!

    It's kinda CREEPY that they read your blog. They just set you up with internet and phone and cable and they jumped right in to cyber-stalk you? ACK! I hope they do fix the issues and make the process better... but I'd be a little eeked out that they are reading like that...

    How are Dasher and Clea adjusting to the new house?

  2. Ya know Liz, I'm not sure what to think about the lady finding the blog. The blog is Googleable. She's also with Allconnect with seems to be a 3rd party company. It's also possible that she's a customer relations gal and/or a public relations person. They may have software that scans the internet for keywords about them.

    Dasher and Clea love it here... not that they told me... or that I'll admit to.

    I always feel like, somebody's watchin' me...

  3. I so enjoyed your relief artwork on the wall. What I wouldn't give to wake up to penises staring down at me. They would make me feel safe at night too.

    I like that toilet. It's like the Jolly Green Giant of loos. Awesome.

  4. 1. Those torso figures on the wall are totally gay. Homosexual. FULL OF FAGGOTRY. As if everyone does not know that you practice and excel at buggery. Really.

    2. WTF with that lady calling you because she read the blog!? Creepiness...

    3. How is it to be a housewife? I want your job. Totes ASAP.

  5. @Chef: This housewife stuff is tough. I don't know where the hell the day goes. Running errands takes up the entire friggin' day.

    @Alix: Guarding penises - new art name.

    I bought the torsos at an online store fixtures place. I saw them in a catalog at work and loved it. They were cheap, hollow and made of plastic.

  6. A lot of large companies do regular internet searches to find out what people are saying. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and the internet makes that even easier. I think it's cool that she took the time to contact you and try to make amends. That's most excellent customer service.

  7. Maybe Dasher and Clea miss Jag? Nah...

  8. Oh yeah.... regarding the allconnect lady reading your blog... companies often have alerts if their name shows up anywhere, they get an email with a link. I learned this when my sister, who happens to be a nun sent me an email telling me her Religious Order (which shall remain nameless so I don't get ANOTHER email blasting me) got an alert when I mentioned her order's name on a blog post. It was about what I'd do if I won the Powerball Lottery. I mentioned I'd donate a lot of money to AIDS research in my brother's name since he's been living with AIDS for about 25 years now. I also said I'd donate money to her Order. She told me she didn't think my brother would appreciate me saying he had AIDS, forcing me to delete that part of my blog. Guess who ain't getting any money when I win???

    Oh! Sorry! that wasn't suppose dot be a rant!

  9. Bummer Joanie. No apologies, I'm glad you were able to get your frustrations out here! I've lost 2 uncles to AIDS.

  10. That toilet is just freaking weird. Unless the tank is really built as a hiding place for drugs? I can see some local gangs putting their cash together to buy one, adding dry shelves inside for all to share!!!

    Nancy, bored in Iowa

  11. I agree with Liz... it is slightly creepy that they found your blog, but it's still nice that they tried to help in the end.

    And why is an artful representation of my body on your bedroom wall??

  12. @Mom L: Very creative and apparently very bored.

    @hoteltuesday: Uh, because I didn't have a leg to hang?


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