1-3-10 Sunday (Playing With Guns)

I’ve got some interesting photos from today.   You’ll have to wait a little for ‘em.  First I’ll start by telling you where the RV has been since we arrived.  It’s at a campground in front of a drag racing strip (Lowes Motor Speedway).  Glamorous huh?  Well, racing is a big deal here in Charlotte. 

2010-01-02 01 2010-01-02 02

Next, I’ll tell you about the grocery shopping trip.  When we first arrived here, I went shopping at a Harris Teeter supermarket.  This time, Jim and I went to a Bloom (a Food Lion owned store).  We walked in and saw self service scan guns.  We went to the service counter to inquire.  You scan your club card (Breeze Card).  The machine tells you which gun to take.  You grab some bags.  You shop.  Scan each item, bag it as you shop.  The produce department has scales with label printers.  Pop the veggies onto the scale, punch in a code, print a label, affix to bag, scan with your gun.  It was fun and easy.  When you get to the cashier OR self service, scan an “end order” barcode.  Scan your Breeze card at the register and it will pull up the order so you can pay.

2010-01-03 P1

I’m sure everything in the store is more money but we weren’t there for major food shopping.  Jim said a few items he glanced at were priced OK.

2010-01-03 P2

We found this in bacon section.  Ewwwwww.

Amongst the 3,457 stores we went to today, Walmart was funniest.  Check out the parking lot.

2010-01-03 P3

That’s right, seagulls.  Jim called this “the double what-the-fuck”.  #1- We’re not near the sea, #2- It’s freezing out, why not head South?  You have wings.

2010-01-03 P9 Above: For sale at Walmart.  Maybe just keep the kid at home. 

Mark of Mark and Tom came by the RV to show us how to winterize it. 

2010-01-03 P7 2010-01-03 P6

The sewer hoses broke.  All 3 hoses had too much liquid and froze.  One was split open with ice hanging out.  I called it a turd-cicle.  Well, luckily there weren’t any nasty solids stuck in suspended animation.  We just had to replace 3 hoses. 

That’s all I got.  We’ve been so busy shopping and organizing.  Yay!  I’m in the mood for an ice pop.


  1. Something happened to 4 comments I tried to approve. Maybe I rejected by accident. I was able to go BACK in my browser and screen print them. Here's the gist of the comments:

    Wayne said: "Ummm, aren't you suppose to winterize before it gets cold?

    Well yes but we kept the heat on inside and the faucet on a drip. Since we didn't stay in the moho for a few days, the sewer hose didn't have enough drip for it no to freeze, nor the usage of water.


    Alix said - the country mush looks icky. She liked the baby tarp but what if the baby is taller or shorter than the hole? She asked about Jim's start date.

    Jim starts Monday the 11th. You should come visit me!


    John & Derek thought it was cool that Tom and Mark helped out and hopes we won't freeze anything as often as the awning fiascoes.

    Uh we hope we won't freeze anything again either. And yes, it was VERY appreciated that Mark came and helped out!


    Eternal Lizdom said in several more words than I will type: Icky turd-cicle. She asked how Bloom ensured you scan everything. She prefers to use her arms than different carriers (other than car seats). Caramel in the liver mush makes it sound like a dessert.

    We saw an armed security guard at Bloom. He's there more for armed robbery. They seem to trust their customers more so. No check points.


    Again my apologies all. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I can feel the love between Alix and Garret all the way in Pennsylvania!

    The mush reminds me of Scrapple. yum!


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