1-1-10 Friday (The Cafe)

Animated Happy New Year Happy New Year!  Well of course I’m way behind on blogging.   It’s the 2nd and I’m just now starting the entry.  It’s been a busy few days and of course with company, I’ve been trying to host the best I can.


Carl, Tim, Jim and I have been enjoying a relaxing weekend.  A kind of no worries type deal.  I had several things to do lined up.  Most of them, Tim passed on, being content to just relax and visit with one another.  Let me show you how we do that:

2009-12-31 01

It’s like an internet cafe… but not.

The ice maker puts out cubes once in a blue moon when a 747 flies over the area on a Tuesday between 7:11pm and 7:15pm.  Carl said his ice maker was doing the same and that the coils were probably dirty.  I whined a little.  Maybe even a lot and got Carl to “show Jim” what needs to be cleaned.  This of course resulted in Carl doing all the work. 

Much like the rest of the house, the coils were filthy.  Carl was right!

2010-01-01 05 2010-01-01 02Above: Jim gets the vacuum.

 2010-01-01 03 Above: Carl does the “dirty” work.


2010-01-01 08 Above: Me.  Obviously doing something totally strange.


Uhhhh Carl, where’s that breakfast you promised?

2010-01-01 09

C’mon.  Get up.

2010-01-01 11

Mmmmmmm.  Bacon AND sausage.  Scrambled eggs.  English muffins.  Home fries.  We could get used to this.

2010-01-01 14 Above: Mimosas for breakfast!

2010-01-01 18 2010-01-01 17

OK, great breakfast.  What shall we tackle now?

2010-01-01 19

Uhhh guys.  The sun is finally out.

2010-01-01 20

Jim and Tim cleaned up the garage.  They broke down boxes, swept, vacuumed.  Now we can get 1 1/2 cars in the garage.  This is excellent news if we ever purchase a 1/2 a car.

Everyone, except me took a nap.  I cleaned and organized.  I blogged and read.  I’m not being a martyr, I just don’t do naps well.  The problem is I don’t like getting up from them.

Later, we decided to go tour around uptown and then have dinner at a Red Lobster.

2010-01-01 23 Above: Jim is ready to see uptown with Carl & Tim.

Damn it was cold walking around the uptown area.  I think it was a miserable cold. 

 2010-01-01 27 2010-01-01 28Above: At the parking garage.

 2010-01-01 30 2010-01-01 34 2010-01-01 38 2010-01-01 39 2010-01-01 42

2010-01-01 44Above: Cool artwork/sculpture.

After freezing our butts off, we departed uptown and ate dinner at Red Lobster.


  1. It looks as though a good time was had by all! Great pictures of all of you. One thing does concern me a little though...ok 2 things....1 - Dasher is obviously suffering major trauma over the move, the stairs, the cold, etc. because he has his head on Carl's lap. Poor Dasher. I hear Paxil might help.
    2- Carl is definitely smiling in several of the pictures. Not gas, not smirking, not evil, SMILING. What the hell is up with that???
    I'm glad to see things are moving in a positive direction. Love you all.

  2. That brick sculpture is pretty weird... cool find!

    Ya'll always eat well. Love the breakfast menu!

    I didn't know that about the coils. We haven't run into an issue but if we do, I'll keep that dirty coils gem in my back pocket!

  3. Alright alright... thanks for the culture and all that, but did you know you and i have the exact same kitchen table? Yeah! For reals! The round maple number with the stainless steel accents? Top of the line Rooms To Go stuff... LOL! But I love my table! We swapped out the parsons chairs for maple backed though - a little more apropos for our small kitch. The only other thing we did differently was have a round glass cut for the top. With kids and cats and spills, we figured it would help prolong its life from the inevitable destruction. So far so good.

    You guys have good taste. If the Beemer only had red interior, life would be perfect! Can't have everything, I suppose.

    PS: Tim is back in my good graces. He may see me on his way home.

  4. So, did cleaning the coils fix the ice problem?

  5. You're all having too much fun! I love the green reindeer...and the brick sculpture reminds me of one of the demons in the TV witch show, "Charmed". Bizarre!
    Happy New Year!!!

    Nancy in frozen Iowa

  6. Oh Sh!t, Alix is going to be upset with me again. Sorry Alix but we left Jim & Garrets on Saturday and went to see Carl's Dad and Stepmother in Hiawassee Ga. From there it's easier to come home I-75 so we missed you again. But look on the bright side, You live a lot closer than we do. You can drive your cheap, unemployed ass up to see them any time you want. Hugs & Kisses Tim & Carl

  7. Nice try, Garret. Tim doesn't know me well enough to call me a cheap unemployed ass... unless you told him. Eeek. Now the whole world knows!

  8. @Pearlish: Dasher used Carl big time. He'd only go near Carl if he had food. As far as Carl smiling. Perhaps it was the fantastic company?

    @Eternal Lizdom: That sculpture rocks.

    @Alix: You had glass cut for that cheap ass table? We bought it off a friend.

    @Waytwisted: Yeppers.

    @Mom L: I loved Charmed. I'm sad it's over. Still.

    @Alix: That was Tim. He's feisty.

  9. Great post! Love that sculpture. It is freezing even here in Florida too.
    Ken from Tampa

  10. Boy, Alix sure knows how to bring out the best in gay men, doesn't she?

    I wish I had the kind of friends who wold come to visit and clean. Oh hell, I wish my KIDS would come to visit and clean! (like that would ever happen!)


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