1-27-10 Wednesday (This House Is Clean)

Deanna Tonight we’re having dinner with Deanna.  She’s going to meet us at our place.  This is fantastic because while the house is clean, it could use some straightening up.  Having company always gives me motivation.  It’s those things that sit around the house that need a home.  The piles that are created.  The stuff that doesn’t belong but I become used to.  It’s there.  I see it.  I mean to do something about it but I don’t.  Eventually, it looks normal. 

One of the things on the list was to get a small pile of stuff to the RV.  It’s stuff we don’t need here or stuff I bought to replace what we took from the RV.  The poor RV looked so sad.  So lifeless.  Someday, we’ll be reunited… sappy, aren’t I?

Speaking of sappy, all 3 computers have screensaver slideshows that display our RVing photos.  Sometimes as we walk past a picture we stop and reminisce.  They also display on the digital frame.  I’ve been known to display them on the big LCD TV.  Nah, we don’t tire of them because there’s so many photos.  Someday, we’ll travel again.

Deanna cancelled tonight.  She hasn’t been feeling well.  We’ll reschedule.

Oh, I’ve complained a few times about not having sound on my laptop.  It works when it wants to.  I’ve replaced the sound card, installed new drivers, etc, etc.  For $1.99 which included shipping, I bought an external USB sound card!  $1.99.  What a bargain.  Works like a charm.  How does a charm work?   Magic I suppose.  Anyway, I present to you, the sound card.  {applause}


It’s about the size of my thumb.  Did you look at your thumb?  Why would you look at your thumb and not my thumb?  I said my thumb.  Sheesh.

I gotta go find something to make for dinner…


  1. Surprisingly, I did not look at my thumb.

    I get vacation sadness if we just have a 1 week vacation- I can't imagine getting back into a routine after all the adventures you guys had!! I love that you have the pics on display everywhere you go- a great way to remember. My dad does the same thing whenever there is a family gathering- he hooks up his laptop to the TV and has a slide show playing the whole time.

  2. I didn't look either.

    And my room is basically made of piles that I know need to be sorted out.... Ugh.


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