1-23-10 Saturday (The Twins)

What a joy it is to have pets… as Jim can attest to.  He awoke this morning in regurgitated cat food.  It could have been Clea but there’s a chance it was Dasher and you probably don’t want to know how.  Off came the sheets and mattress pad.

Well, it happened.  The damn stair machine put a hurtin’ on me.  Owwwwww.  I had issues walking up the stairs this morning.  It’s not the worst I’ve ever had my legs feeling and probably won’t be the last.  Of course it’s not just my legs.  As the morning as moved along, I can feel the soreness in my chest. 

With bitching about my aches and pains behind above me, I returned to the kitchen to make up breakfast sandwiches.  I went on to make up 7 salads, and 2 dinner side salads for the up coming lunch week.  It’s an uneven amount of salads but that’s just how it worked it.  Don’t worry about it… really… it will be fine.

I’m a fan of my childhood cartoons.  One of my favorites was the Super Friends.  Surfing around on Youtube I found this parody of the Winder Twins.  It’s 5 short episodes joined together and it’s hilarious. 

Last night we had the fireplace on.  The flame disappeared.  I could see the pilot light was still on.  I flipped the switch off and then on again.  It wouldn’t refire.  I tried several times.  I’m sad.

On the same everything-is-breaking-night-o-evil, I put a pot of water on the stove to boil.  At some point I looked over and a bright orange light lit up the stove top from underneath the pot.  It was as if someone was welding!  I turned off the burner and inspected.  Here’s what I found:


The coil partially melted.  It won’t work anymore.  I was worried it had damaged my nice cookware (not All-Clad nice).  All was A-OK. 

Here’s a few pictures I took of Dasher today:

IMG_0001 IMG_0002Above: Dasher was in the middle of shaking.

 IMG_0004Above: Little Red Riding Hood – ish.


  1. Dasher's adorable, and thank you for not posting pix of vomited cat food...it's a scene I am all too familiar with in real life!

  2. Thanks Norma but have you ever woken up in animal puke? You haven't LIVED until that happens.

  3. I've woken up to find it on the covers, yes...and woken up and immediately stepped in it more than a few times...ugh!

  4. Stepping on it is the worst. Squishiness between the toes. ;-)

  5. Fortunately, Emma is very considerate - she never pukes in my bed (I think because SHE sleeps there!). But her favorite spots are right in my path in the living room.

    She refuses to clean up after herself.


  6. What a cutie pie!! I love your dog! Hate puke...but love the critters!! What a way to start the day....

  7. Just wait until day TWO! Day two after a demanding workout is when my body wants to divorce me. My solution is to just keep working out through the pain. It loosens things up again and believe it or not, helps with the soreness.

    LOVE the photos of Dasher. You always catch him in wonderful mid-antic. I will never forget the shot of him with that ferocious teeth-baring-I'm-going-to tear-you-apart-you-apart-limb-from-limb snarl. Remember? It looked so frightening, but you just happened to snap it at the precise moment he made that brief expression. You're a really awesome photographer.

    So happy the salad thing worked out for you.

  8. Love Riding Hood Dasher! ....Your salad situation sounds very stressful.


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