1-10-10 Sunday (Jim’s Job Eve)

Jim caught me enjoying a shower this morning.  I had to censor the photo of course.  I may have taken it a bit too far when I decided to cover all of my less than desirable body parts.

full block

More skin?  I’m flattered.  Alright, I’ll reblockout the unmentionables.  Remember this is exactly why diet and exercise are a good thing!

 Leg block

Continued below…


Don’t hate.

Jim and I love Ikea.  We love the prices and we love the uniqueness of their products.  My favorite department is Lighting.  We have purchased many a lamp or fixture or decorative light from an Ikea.  Sadly, we didn’t have an Ikea in the Fort Myers, FL area.  Happily, there’s one just 10 minutes away.  Oh shit.  The point?  Does there need to be one?  Well, if so, then the point is that we went to one.


We didn’t buy much.  We don’t really need much.  Several times we picked up an item, and moments later, talked ourselves out of it.

Continuing with the shopping theme, we headed to the Northlake mall.  This is a large 2 story mall that we’ve never been too.  Traffic to and from this place was easy compared to the Concord Mills Mall.  The main reason for the visit to the mall was to pickup a cableCARD from a Time-Warner office within.  Nope, they have to “install” it.  $30.  Yep, they have to slide the card into my Tivo.  I NICELY explained how things had been messed up lately.  Time-Warner has been to my house twice already.  Blah, blah, blah, she hooked me up.  $0.  They’ll be out to install between 11 and 1 on Monday!

Jim starts his new job at Wells Fargo tomorrow.  He’s excited.


  1. Ahem, Garret? Your black line was just a wee bit short. There was... ahem... well.... let's just say that you didn't cover all your heads.

    LOL. Nice showercap.

  2. Oh yeah. Good luck Jim! Hope WF is awesome. They'll love you!!!!

  3. I'm feeling a little hot and bothered from that shower pic. Oh, my.

    And I love that you are wearing a shower cap to keep your hair dry.

  4. Garret, you are just too funny! I laughed out loud with your 'black-out' running into the next pic.

    Stay warm, 77 today in Palm Springs.

  5. Garret, why do you need a shower cap? There's no hair on your head.

    Nancy, Puzzled in Iowa

  6. Hi, I came over from Casa Hice, Alix is always going on and on about you, So I had to come by to see what all the frou-ha-ha was about. Well, the photo display was .... revealing? I am a fan of IKEA myself and pay them a visit every time I am in Minnesota.

    Good luck with the new job and next time you are traveling be sure and stop by the kampground!

  7. Yeah, but why are you so kinky?

    Get it? Kink -y?

    Or is it twisted?

    Or is it bent?

    Peyronie's disease?

    Who cares if you're that damn long. Sheesh.

    Oh and thanks for commenting on my post today even though you admitted you didn't read it. Your loss. It was funny. {sticking tongue out}

  8. Let's just say I'm glad I wear Depends. The black line? Too too funny!!


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