1-21-10 Thursday (Slug Made Cakes)

I probably shouldn’t even bother with an entry today.  I was quite the slug today.  I started off the morning with some motivation.  I tried.  I organized and disposed of travel sized products that had been stacking up.  5 mini shampoos, 6 mini soaps, ya know that kinda crap.  I threw out the old stuff, kept the nicer stuff and I’ll eventually make some sort of guest toiletries basket with it.

I made carrot cake cupcakes.  I had bought the mix a week or 2 back during my red velvet cupcake stage of life.  I decided to make the carrot cakes now and get it over with since we’ve started the gym.

The office area of the house had shelves with lots of stuff on them.  Most of it is crap.  I tossed out quite a bit and organized the shelves.  The sad thing is that we have boxes and boxes of office related stuff that’s not been opened yet.  They’re the non-essentials that will stay boxed until we get a permanent home of our own.  Really, we have too much stuff.  It stresses me out that we have so many unneeded things.

Before I knew it, the afternoon rolled around.  I ate lunch, and then took a bath.  My second bath here.  It was nice to soak.  Some how I stayed busy for the remainder of the day by playing a video game, watching some TV and surfing the internet. 

Eventually, Jim made it home.  We changed for the gym, gathered our belongings, gave Dasher a treat, and off to the gym we went tried.  The BMW wouldn’t start.  We skipped the gym.  As Jim said, at least the car was considerate enough to die in the comfort of our home.  It was a stroke of luck really since it’s been raining all day and gotten cold again.  I started dinner, while Jim went to get a new battery.  $160 frickin’ dollars later, voila, a new battery.

After dinner we continued catching up on the previous season of Desperate Housewives.  That show rocks.


  1. Next time you are getting rid of sample size and hotel soaps, shampoos, etc... donate them to a food pantry!

    Now I want carrot cake. Dang.

    Love Desperate Housewives. Love it!

  2. And now I have to wonder... which housewife would Garret be? Hmmmm...

    I don't see you as a Bree... not so much a Lynette... maybe a Susan... or maybe a vindicate slut like Edie? Hmmmm... maybe crazy like Katherine? Or rich, beautiful, hot and loves to shop... Gabrielle!!!

  3. Do you still have the Jeep? Or doesn't that car like to go to the gym? (listen to me.... I was the one who joined the gym, paid $179 for year and went maybe 20 times.. just slap me)

    It sounds to me like you got a lot accomplished in the morning.

  4. I adore Desperate Housewives. Have loved it from the very beginning. I want to live on Wisteria Lane with you and Jim as my neighbors. Hey... it could happen... there's already characters that are designed after us. You and Jim can be the hottie gay boys and I can be...... Gabrielle Solis! We look just alike you know.

    Not buying that? I'm more like domestic but sly and mean Bree Hodge?? No? Okay then... smart ambitious Lynette Scavo! No? Not her either? Well if you insist... I'll be happy with Susan Meyer.

    Why are you laughing? Surely you don't fashion me to be as calculating and cruel as Edie Britt or Katherine Mayfair or Angie Bolen? No, not them either. Whew. Then who? Whose part will I play on Wisteria Lane???

    And if you say Karen McCluskey I'm going to march straight up to Charlotte and kick your ass.

  5. @Liz: Hmmmm, I like the sounds of Edie.

    @Joanie: We had to do the battery thing last night. Jim needs the car for work. If he took the Jeep than I'd be stuck here with no car and no means to get a battery. If Jim wasn't working then we could have put it off.

    @Alix: Uhhhh, I don't know Angie must be later in the season than we've gotten to yet. We're up the episodes where McCluskey is diving into Edie's hubby's past. Oh and I love ALL the characters. It's so hard to pick because they're all so devious in many a way.

  6. Not gonna say a mean thing. Is there a Ronald McDonald house in Charlotte? They always need sample sized toiletries for visiting parents....just sayin'.


  7. @Mom L: Excellent idea but everything I discarded was really, really old.

    For example, Phar-Mor brand mouth wash. According to Wiki they had bankruptcy issues in 1992. That was probably when they closed the store where I would have bought the stuff. LOL.


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