1-26-10 Tuesday (What’s a Lanai?)


So, are you sitting on the edge of your chair wondering about the interview?  Wonder no more.  That could be a cool band title.  Wonder No More.  I still like it.  OK, so I called the owner, he invited me in to talk.  I arrived, and I had to wait 45 minutes past my appointment time to see him.  He was so busy.  This makes me happy for several reasons.  #1 is he cares about his business, he works it hard.  #2 being busy in this economy is awesome!

Mr. Owner was working the place.  I was surprised and happy to see several people in the showroom working deals with salesmen.  This dealer is top in the country and had several awards and trophies to prove it.

prayWe spoke for a short time.  He asked me a few questions.  He gave me a tour.  To be honest, I’m not sure I did all that well during the interview.  When I interviewed in Fort Myers a few months ago, if you asked me, I aced the interviews.  I think I said all the right things at the right times.  I didn’t get that job because the guy hired his friend instead.  Now this interview today?  Not so much.  It’s just the way I feel.  If asked how I think it went, I’d say not too well.

The kicker is Mr. Owner said he’d like to meet with me again, and to contact him in a few days.  He said if I was still interested to call him.  I’m thinking if he isn’t interested then say something like “I don’t really have an opening right now but wanted to meet with you in case something comes up” or the like.  So maybe I misread how it went.  I’ll call him back in a few days because I’d definitely like to see if I’m a fit for this dealer.  I’ll keep you posted.

Garret Let’s talk weather.  Weather.com is showing a low of 14°for Sunday.  What the f___?  The worst is going to and from the car to the gym.  Brrrrrrr.

Speaking of the gym, we went tonight.  We’ve been doing elliptical for our cardio.  We’ve not ventured back onto the stair machine.  I glance at it but I think it might just be Satan in disguise.  What other explanation is there?

When we came home, we showered and then I started dinner.  Fresh broccoli, baked potatoes, and a steak.  We have a an outdoor electric grill that my parents gave us several years ago for a house warming gift.  It kept tripping the GFI outlet.  We tried a different outlet on a different circuit and the same thing.  I think the grill is having problems.  Even though it’s an outdoor grill perhaps something got wet that shouldn't have?  At our Florida house it was stored on the covered patio aka lanai for you Northerners.  I don’t know what it’s problem could be.  We don’t have a cover for it anymore.  I think we’ll just be getting a new gas grill.  Oh.  The point was that dinner took forever.  I eventually had to broil the steak.  It came out good but what a pain in the ass.

I’ll see you tomorrow.  We’re having dinner with Deanna so I’ll take some photos.


  1. Oh my gosh...you're just adorable! Look at those pics!! Good luck with the job and the grill.

  2. Ah! Love the pics! So very GQ in the last one...

    I think it's a good sign that he wants you to call him. I also think it's a good sign that he said something about "if you're still interested." He wants to know that you want it!

    Seems wrong to go from that sentence to making a joke about "we showered."

    But I guess I went there anyway!

  3. Damn, you clean up nice. I can't remember the last time I saw you in pants....

  4. I think I have a Lanai!! Do I??

  5. @Jodi: Well, the dictionary says a lanai is a veranda or roofed patio. So yes. A lot of Floridians would only include a screened roofed patio in the definition.

  6. SEND a thank you note IMMEDIATELY! and then follow up call on Monday! :)

  7. Good idea Norma. I was planning to call today (Thursday). Maybe I should wait till Friday?

  8. You're such a hoot, Garret! Good luck with your next interview:)

    PS you should totally watch more Golden Girls reruns. They know all about a lanai.


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