1-8-10 Friday (Tea Parties)

image Today, a Time-Warner guy comes to install the phone.  It went smoothly.  While that was happening, Jim went to the DMV to get a North Carolina license.  That didn’t go so smoothly.  When all was said and done, he was there 3 times.  2 times the personality-less bitch at the check-in counter told him he needed some other document (proof of insurance) which is strange for just a driver’s license. Jim pointed out that the signage didn’t indicate that and she said, “Well, I don’t know why it doesn’t, but it’s state law.”  Jim was not happy.  On his last visit home for more documents, I went with him since Time-Warner was done.  I gathered up my stuff to accompany Jim for his 3rd visit. 

We arrived.  I got to meet the personality-less soldier of the state who obviously hates her job.  That’s OK because we hate her too.  Jim checks in.  It’s my turn.  “Do you have proof of your middle name?”  Here we go.  My thought was immediate anger.  She said I could do most of the process but would have to return to finish it up.  I guess that’s OK.  With Jim starting work Monday, it was really important for him to get it done.  I can come back.  She issues us a number.  We sit and wait until called.  This is Jim’s first time getting past The Bitch.

Jim get’s called.  He undergoes eye test, identify signs, etc.  What’s this?  You only have an insurance card?  We need the declaration page that clearly shows the start and end date of coverage.  Are you FUCKING (sorry, I’m fired up) kidding me?  Jim calls me over.  I call our insurance agent and get them to fax it in.  Luckily our DMV lady is helpful, as if she might just like her job.

It’s my turn, and I purposely go to the same lady per her instructions.  The fax arrived, Jim goes for his photo.  I go through the tests.  I have to come back with proof of my middle name via a passport or birth certificate.  Ugh.

Jim.  Where’s your license?  Oh, they mail it.  How prehistoric.


When I receive poor civil service I immediately think about taxes which brings up the over taxation here.  While strange to us and maybe not others, they tax milk. It was 1% but still.  It adds up.  State sales tax is 7.something%, some counties add more tax (like ours).  We have an annual personal property tax on motor vehicles.  We have a state income tax here.  I’m sure there’s more I’ve either forgotten or don’t know about yet.  I really try not to be those types of people who compare how they did it some where else.  In my mind I do but verbally, no.  I can’t stand the “Well, in NY they’d let me do it.”  Those kind of statements just piss people off and my silent reply is, “then go the hell back up north.” 



Completely unrelated… as usual.  Here’s some photos of what our old house looked like:

IMG_0093Above: Master bedroom.

IMG_0089Above: Master bath.

PICT0072Above: Kitchen, dinette and family room.

 FR 07-01-05Above: Family room.

 LR 06-15-05Above: Formal living room.

 LR-DR 06-15-05Above: Dining room, living room.

 PICT0057Above: Dining room.

 PICT0059Above: Family room.

 PICT0070 Above: Dinette.


 PICT0090Above: Carpeted garage.  Extra large too!

Before Tim makes carpeting jokes, I’ll explain.  When we had the house built, Jim requested a strip of carpet at the door into the house.  It was to be just enough so that we could walk out there barefoot with trash or whatever.  It would be comfortable enough to stand on at the workbench.  We stopped by to check the carpet install and they had glue all over the entire garage floor.  I was pissed.  They guy said it was impossible to remove it.  He called his boss.  They goofed and were not going to charge for it.  We were still worried about having carpet.  It’s an indoor-outdoor marine carpet.  We actually enjoyed having the carpet (easy to clean) and it held up perfectly.

I gotta go dig out my passport.  See ya.


  1. Wow! Your spot was very chic and surprisingly traditional. LOVE The LR and gorgeous custom valance. So pretty. And the tile... looks like stone. And the pavers!!! I want pavers. I want the same kind you have... on the driveway, on the sidewalk from the drive way to the pool, on the pool deck, on the lanai. Yeah, about $25k ought to get us there.

    (Um, can I borrow $25k?)

    PS: Your comment on my doormat post made me spit coffee all over my laptop. No lie. Apparently Mona liked it too. You are a treasure.

  2. I've never heard of a carpeted garage... I always assumed the carpet jokes were for the opposite sex of "your people."

    DMV's are so often way too frustrating. And they keep changing the rules and policies- for our own safety, of course. BS.

  3. Hi! LOVE your house. Very cooly decorated!

    The same personality-less bitch will soon be answering your health care questions with all the TLC you got today. And you'll be taxed even more out the wazoo. Can't wait.

    Hope you're settling in up there. Sorry for the hateful government inconvenience.

  4. Oh How I LOVE Your home!!! I love your furniture! Wow! The Hutch? is just to beautiful!! (I think I could live in that hutch!) And the red accents are stunning! Okay I must have one of those big red balls!! What is that? A planter??? A ball?? It's wonderful, your home is wonderful..Thanks for sharing..off to find a big red ball!!

  5. Well, here in Florida, starting in January they also made it nearly impossible to get a driver's license with like 3 different ID's, jumping through flaming hoops, after waiting at least 12 hours in line, so it's not just NC.

  6. @Alix: The valences were from JC Penney. We loved our pavers. I'm behind on comments/blogging again.

    @Eternal Lizdom: Well, we didn't want a carpeted garage but if we could do it over, I probably would do it again.

    @Li: Thanks. We loved it. It was hard to sell it. We even had outlets under the sinks for rechargeables. We thought of everything when we built it.

    @Sharon's: Thanks. Remember though, that was our old house - since been sold. What red ball? What room?

    @CB: What a crock.

  7. @Garret, Sharon's is referring to the metallic red plate on the stand on the FR Entertainment Center. @Liz, ummm not all of the "other" team are carpeted, many are tiled. ;o)
    Garret....Laurie will be drooling over that TV any minute now. Dammit. Last time you pointed to a great electronics deal she bought a printer and signed the card from you. Now it's going to be a 46" Flat Screen HDTV. :::sigh::: and I was truly beginning to believe that size didn't matter.
    Love you. Pearl

  8. Size always matters. It's just a nice thing to say when dealing with small things.

  9. @Pearlish Thanks for the laugh! Great one!

  10. Garrett, it's the red ball in the dining room on the hutch. Is it a vase? Or a gazing ball?
    Thanks, Sharon

  11. @Sharon: In the photo marked Family Room, that's a big red plate on the shelf to the left.

  12. Ohhh! A plate! It's just beautiful Garret! You both a exquisite taste!!

  13. LOL Sharon. Thanks! We probably got it at Home Goods.

  14. With your phone call about recycling the peanuts and this DMV experience, I guess you guys don't take customer service lightly! lol.
    I'm really glad that I don't get annoyed/angry easily. Too many people don't care about their jobs and don't provide the best service.


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