1-19-10 Tuesday (Deal Diving)

I made out a list of errands and hit the road pretty early this morning.  Well, maybe not that early.  One of my stops was to Ikea and I remembered from the other day that they don’t open until 10am.

After I made my 6 or so stops, I brought the Jeep to Monro, the place where a few weeks ago we had the brakes and shocks replaced at.  I needed to get an oil leak checked out and an oil change while I was there.  The oil leak is power steering, a high pressure line and will cost about $130.  I’ll go back tomorrow to have it replaced.

While I waited for the Jeep’s oil change I walked over to a discount store.  It’s called Garden Ridge.  I’d never been in one before and thought it might be a nice time killer while I wait.


Yes, 90% off Christmas stuff.  I spotted a woman on her stomach reaching deep into a shelf to get to garland.


By the time I got into position to snap a photo, she wasn’t laying down anymore.  It’s still funny though.  She’s got a frickin’ walker thingy!  Ahhhh the importance of a bargain. 

One of my stops today was for a bulb.  Several years ago we purchased florescent light bars to mount above each desk.


We have 2 of these with blown bulbs.  It’s a strange bulb.  An F20T10 in fact.  I can’t find them at Lowes or Home Depot.  I went to an electrical supply place.  They can get them for $25 each.  That’s way more than the fixture itself.  I found them online for $7 each + $10 to ship.  $22.87 for 2 bulbs total.

Well, it’s official:


Jim got his the other day.  Mine arrived today.

We were supposed to go to the gym tonight but Jim stayed late at work to signup for health benefits.  Well Fargo offers domestic partner coverage just as CitiGroup did.  The coverage seems great and a lot less money than Citi which is a plus.  Maybe that will offset some of the high taxes we have here in this state? 

When Jim came home we had some bean soup that he had going in the crockpot all day.  He makes an awesome bean soup.  It was delish. 


  1. I didn't realize the state of NC was so progressive with their driver's license as to state "sexual preference" on.... oh wait... nevermind... I get it. It just means you're male. My bad.

    Why'd you black out your middle name, Erik? LOL!

  2. The only thing about bean soup? The many happy returns. LOL. I love it though.

    I cried in my heart when I saw your new NC drivers license. It's official indeed. Your photo is awesome though. Only .00001% of drivers license photos look good and yours wins the contest hands down. Very good hair day! That shower cap is paying off for you.

    But I'm concerned about your middle name, Erik. How bad could it be that you had to black it out. I have a new mission in life now. To FIND OUT ERIK'S MIDDLE NAME. Gotta go look up PI's online now. Have a blessed day.

  3. @Liz: LOL. I told her my preference and she shot a no kidding look back at me. No wonder.

    @Alix: I worked hard on the hair. A DL photo just about a lifetime. Thanks for the compliment.

    My middle name is Francis. I guess I could say Frank?

  4. Frankly, my dear.....

    Glad you're both legal in NC. I expect to move back to the East Coast in a year or 2 (gotta get closer to that beautiful grandson) and will probably pick someplace in N or S Carolina...keep that guest room available for me!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. @Mom L: The guest room is ready... pineapple pillows and all.


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