1-4-10 Monday (Level-Headed)

Jim spent much of today purchasing supplies and building a platform for the hot tub to sit on.  The backyard is definitely sloped – nothing a level and lots of shims won’t fix.


The Jeep’s brakes have been making some less than desirable noises.  Just a few weeks ago we had the BMW’s done.  {heavy sigh}  We dropped off the Jeep at the same place as the car went to.  Monro will look at it tomorrow.

The RV departed the campground and went into storage.  It was kind of sad really.  It’s exciting being in a house, but at the same time, it feels like we’re saying goodbye to good times.  I know we aren’t.  I know that we have many good times ahead of us.  I know that we’ll use the RV in a few months.  I know that I’m sad about it.  It felt so final to push the battery disconnect buttons.

The storage facility is closer to the house than the campground.  That’s a plus.  The storage place is only $50 a month with 24 hour access, even though Jim got some covered parking upgrade for another $22.  We’ll probably move it to an uncovered spot.  It survived the Florida sun, it can deal with NC sun.  The thing about the covered site is that it’s short.  The motorhome is 37’.  By the looks of the situation, the covered spot is about 10’ uncovered. 

image Tomorrow the last of the moving trailers get delivered.  This one isn’t as full as the 1st but it has the hot tub.   That thing is so heavy, making tomorrow’s goal “death-free”.


  1. Jim is so handy!!

    So much about moving is so difficult. A big old mix of emotions and also hard work. Just keep reading your "Grateful to have..." post from yesterday!

  2. I'm waiting for the hot tub to be installed and the temperature in NC to go up before I show up for a visit.

  3. Good call Joanie. Let's syncronize our watches. I'll meet you in Charlotte and we shall take over the hot tub whilst our cabana boys serve us pink champagne in long stemmed flutes.

  4. Sounds like a plan, girlfriend!


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