1-17-10 Sunday (Spoiled Food)

I just noticed I have 50 Followers/Stalkers.  I think this is so cool.  That’s 1 less than 51.  Half of 100.  2 more than 48.  I could go on.  And on.  Welcome to Dave/David.  He has a blog.  I read a couple of entries but I’ve sworn myself to no more additional blogs right now.  It was kind of like a New Year’s Resolution. 

During Carl & Tim’s visit here, Carl spoiled us with breakfast.  As Jim and I shopped yesterday, he put maple sausage in the cart and requested it for breakfast.  It was a good accompaniment to pancakes.


The rest of the day was shopping… as usual.

If you haven’t gone to see Avatar yet, see it, you won’t be disappointed.  If you can see it in 3D - even better.  It’s not 3D that things are all up in your face.  It just visually enhances this movie.  The biggest point about this movie is that you’ll feel as though it’s real.  The alien characters are so realistic, you won’t second guess yourself.  I loved this movie.



  1. Jeff wants to see Avatar in 3D IMAX. I probably won't get to experience that with him- but I'm encouraging him to do so.

    Hey- new follower Dave has a poodle! I have a little toy poodle... so much in common. :)

  2. I really enjoyed Avatar! I think I want to see it again.

    Now go see The Book of Eli and tell me what you think. I NEED to see this movie again, now that I've seen it once.


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