1-20-10 Wednesday (Humps Day)

I returned to Monro, the car repair place and waited for the Jeep power steering line replacement.  $130.  I walked around BJ’s again looking at the same ole crap as I tried to make the time pass.  No goofy people to snap a photo of.  No humorous products on display.  Uneventful.  Sometimes, uneventful is welcomed.

image Just to change things up a little – ya know, shake it up – I went to a different Walmart.  This location is also a new superstore and is located near the hotel we stayed at when we were here for the “recon mission” in December.  This Walmart was laid out almost the same as our usual store.  So much for shaking things up a little.  I tried.  I did think it would be fun to limp on the left leg up some aisles and then limp with the right leg on others.  Surely you’ve shopped a supermarket and seen the same people who walk up the same aisle as you but in the opposite direction?  Those would be the ones to do the different walks to.  That reminds me of the scene in Young Frankenstein (aside from Spaceballs, my favorite comedy movie (Mel Brooks is King)) where Igor is shown with a hump on one shoulder and then later on the other and is called out on it.  Fun stuff.

Jim and I are pretty picky about – well a lot of things – yes – but the topic at hand right now is shower heads.  We live for invigorating showers.  We hate the sissy water saving shower heads.  We want pressure and volume.  It’s no wonder I’ve already returned a couple of shower heads that failed our needs and have started a collection of others.

2010-01-20 04

Well now, just a minute.  Some of these belong to the rental property, some we found in storage and one goes to the guest bath.  I needed something I can use to give Dasher a bath with.  I returned a shower massager the other day and bought this one.

2010-01-20 01 2010-01-20 02 

Aside from being cool, it was only $60 less a $10 coupon and it works well.




Just a little hint…

We went to the gym for our first workout.  45 minutes of cardio.  The place was surprisingly slow being a Wednesday night.  Getting the machine of our choice was easy.


  1. You have so much going for you. Those pineapple pillows are beyond manbag gay. They are trannie in a business suit gay. Srsly.

    But I love you anyway, you strange fellow:). That's my "Garrrrrrret."

  2. Get those fucking ugly ass pineapple pillows off my bed. First the ugly cords coming from the TV, now this. What has happened to you? Do I need me to come back up there and get you back on track? You were in the RV to long. You have lost all of your god given GAY style!

    (Other than Chef Green) Your only true friend that will tell you the truth!

  3. Oh, BTW Love the new shower head

  4. I think the movie I have in mind isRobin Hood, Men In Tights, where Prince John (played whiningly by Richard Lewis) where his mole moved form one place on his face to another in each scene. Funny stuff!!
    You're absolutely right! Mel Brooks is a genius!

  5. @ Chef Green: Laughing at the pineapple pillows being beyond manbag gay.

    I applaud you going out on a limb for us, Garret, and touring a different Wal-Mart. Such sacrifice.

    I have one of those featured showerheads. Care to guess which?

    I checked airfares to Charlotte. WTF is up with $500 for a direct flight into a freaking hub? Maybe it's just a seasonal screw job. I'll keep checking. In the meantime, keep my guest room warm for me.


  6. @Tim, we've had those pineapple pillows at the house. So just now you don't like them or you don't like them anymore?

    @Chef: Ugh. No way. Your man bag is so gay that... hmmmm I wonder since there's your momma is so fat jokes if there might be you're so gay jokes?

    @Joanie: Yes, his mole moved but in "Young Frankenstein" Igor's hump moved.

    @Alix: The same showerhead. We're all the rage ya know. Really, flights are so much? AND how cool that you looked!


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