1-9-10 Saturday (Gardening)

Loose Ends:

Allow me a moment to comment about last night’s dinner.  For an appetizer, we had French Onion soup, to which we added reduced fat Provolone cheese.  It was the worst soup I’ve ever had.  Don’t buy it.  It royally blows.  Leave this shit in the garden.

2010-01-08 05

Our main entree: Frozen pizza.  We did heat it up first.  Anyway, here’s Jim demonstrating the joys of putting a pizza INTO a freezer:

2010-01-08 04

A blast from the past.  Here’s one of our favorite photos of when we bought a pizza in Portland.  It was too big for the fridge so we stored it on the roof of the Jeep.  It was certainly cold enough:


The other day we moved the RV from covered to uncovered.  No use in paying $22 extra a month for something that’s about 10 feet shorter than the RV.

2010-01-07 06

Oh and some cute pet photos:

2010-01-06 03

Above/Below: Clea

2010-01-07 05

 2010-01-06 04  2010-01-07 09 2010-01-07 10

OK, let’s move on to today. 

2010-01-09 02 Above:Yes, that’s Jim holding a sheet of ice off the top of the hot tub.

After we played with ice it was off to meet Deanna, a new friend.  Jim met her through a friend of a friend.  It turns out Jim went to school with her sister.  Deanna once lived and still has a home in Fort Myers, FL.  How cool is that?  We met up at Midtown Sundries for a great lunch. 

2010-01-09 04

I think we spent, like forever there.  We were having a good time story swapping but we had shopping to do.  We got the 46” flat screen LCD.

2010-01-09 07 2010-01-09 08 2010-01-09 09

We’re getting there.  We also bought the digital Tivo.  We get 3 months free.  We paid $100 less per a deal running so it turned out to be a little over $100 for it.  We can’t watch this beautiful TV without the high definition.  We tried.  We compared.

The sad thing is that the 46” was only $50 more than the 42”.  No brainer but then it needs the bigger wall mount which is much more money.  Then we needed the HD Tivo.  Then we need HDMI cables ($50) to get the full quality.  What an avalanche of expenses.  None of this includes a future BluRay or Playstation 3 or BluRay with surround sound. 


  1. Wow, nice TV! But wait one dog gone minute...you guys are enjoying this good life...way too much here. I just hope as you climb that corporate ladder (again), you don't forget your poor white trailer trash friends back on the farm(or should I say, RV Park).
    Ken from Tampa
    P.S. Go for the BluRay and Playstation3. Only live once, ya know!

  2. Clea's got a sweet pad there!! Tons of fun, I bet!

    Good to know about the soup... not sure I'd ever try french onion in a can.

  3. I should have told you about that French Onion Soup horror. I fell for the label too. It drew me in only to disappoint on a very grand scale. Horrible doesn't even come close.

    Hey! That flat panel TV is gorgey! The cables though. Can't you call Firedog to come tuck all that away, or do you need the cables available for the DVD player. It still looks great mounted on the wall. Jim is so handy.

    We just got a Blu Ray player yesterday. It's cool. It has a built in wireless feature so we can download NetFlix movies straight to it. I also got the movies Julie & Julia on Blu Ray and UP! I wanted to see how live action and animation compared. Blu Ray discs are pricy though. I'm sure they will come down as the technology becomes more widespread.

    Glad you found a cute friend in Charlotte. She's not as cute as me, but her hair looks real at least.


  4. @Ken: I don't know when we'll even have time for all this possible entertainment. I won't forget you trailer trashites.

    @Liz: Blech.

    @Alix: The cables. Well, we're not done yet. They won't be going into the wall anyway. It's only a rental house.

  5. Love the new TV!! I ahve a 54" HDTV but it's an older one with a big back to it. But I love it anyway. I won it (along with everything in the house and oh yeah! the house), in the divorce.

    I sure do wish you guys had moved to Pottstown. I have to replace a sump pump, I have a leak in my shower that's showing up on the ceiling in the downstairs hallway. the dryer's broken, the dishwasher's broken. I'd feed ya and buy beer!

  6. Since I'll probably never graduate from an ordinary TV without anything, I'm focusing on the fabulous playstation for Clea!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. I love the huge flat screen TV placed next to the small CRT TV.

  8. That's some huge TV! Looks like your settling in nicely.


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