1-5-10 Tuesday (Get Yer Peanuts)

Truck #2 of 2 was delivered to our driveway early this morning.  With the movers coming at noon, we were able to have a relaxing morning of blogging, internet surfing, coffee sipping and nice long hot showers.  I would have liked more sleep.  We got to sleep late and woke up too early.

We had a JUMBO sized box full of Styrofoam packing peanuts.  The garbage man won’t take it.  Jim called the city to schedule a pickup.  The city says we need to put the peanuts into trash bags so they can recycle the cardboard.  Jim gets frustrated, as would I.  He says, “So let me get this straight.  You want me to go out, buy plastic trash bags, empty the giant box which will waste plastic and probably cause peanuts to blow around in the wind, so you can recycle the cardboard?”  They said yes.  Jim asks for a supervisor.  Same response.  Ugh. 

Jim and I started emptying the truck.  When the movers arrived, we had already put a significant dent into the work.  The big part was the hot tub.  We opted not to have a special company come out.  Seeing how the hot tub is moved using leverage and big ass PVC pipes, we had become pros.  Well, not exactly.  We managed to do an excellent job.  5 of us moved the monster expertly.


Of the movers, the supervisor, owner, boss guy’s wife stopped by.  She did so the last time too, not sure why.  Anyway, she said something about our cat Jag.  We offered him to her.  She accepted.  Jag is with new people.  I’ll explain. 

Many moons ago, we had Clea.  My mom asked what I wanted for my birthday one year.  I replied, “a playmate for Clea.”  Duh.  They fight, they don’t cuddle, they kinda hate each other, always have.  Jag is VERY affectionate.  He demands a lot of attention what we can’t give to him in a 3 pet family.  Years later, we gave him to my mom.  She “returned” him.  Jag didn’t play well with others.  More like the others didn’t like him.  Years later, we gave him to Jim’s mom.  One of her dogs seemed to stalk Jag.  She “returned” him.  It’s not that we don’t love the cat.  It’s just that he really needs to be in a one pet family.  The mover seems to have that going.  Currently, no pets.  Perfect.  We provided them with copies of medical records, a carrier, and some food.  Jag spent 15 minutes in the wife’s arms and loved it.

A few weeks back I told you I called the local power company, Duke Energy.  I was surprised that the rep was able to offer me Time-Warner services and had a pretty good deal going.  Yes, you read that right.  The electric company was able to get me our cable/internet/phone switched on from a different company.  I guess they get a kick back.  I got a “Digital Access Trio” – phone, digital cable and internet.  (Fig. #2) When the Time-Warner installer came Saturday, he said, “I don’t do phone installs.  That’s someone else.”   Here we are on Tuesday and no call from Time-Warner so I guess I need to call them.


I start out reviewing my email and clicking on the status link (pictured above).  It looks like Duke and other utilities use a service called allconnect.  I called the number as the site says.  (Fig #1)  This number leads to Duke Energy.  After pressing 1 for this 2 for that, a guy says I have to call Time-Warner directly.  He gives me a number. (time this call: 15m 28s)

I call the number.  I push 1 for this, 2 for that.  I explain the problem again.  They said they can’t pull me up.  I was given the number for Time-Warner in Wisconsin.  She gives me the correct number. (Time this call: 4m 11s)

I call the next number.  I’m on hold a long time.  I explain to the lady what the problem is.  She says no phone is listed on the account.  I explain it’s part of the package.  She asks me to hold.  I’m on hold a long time. 

A different lady answers.  I wasn’t expecting to be transferred.  I re-explain AGAIN.  She says I was transferred to the downgrade/termination department.  {sigh}  Even a deep breath won’t help.  I told the lady I want a supervisor.  She says that they’re all busy and it may take a while.  I explain the problem again and ask her not to transfer me without getting someone on the line and to let me know what was happening.  She did just that. 

I get a guy.  I explain again.  I’m on hold here and there.  He says he’s working with a supervisor.  He says the account is messed up.  He blamed it on Duke.  I don’t care.  I just want it fixed.  He checks back with me periodically.  No hold music which is frustrating and makes it difficult to tell if you’ve been disconnected.  He has to reset up everything.  With taxes and all, my monthly bill will be $78.94 for at least a year!  Cheap!  Yay! (Time this call: 1h 04m 20s)

Phone should get installed Friday.  I’m crossing my fingers.


  1. Jim here,

    I just wanted to say that is my deck under the hot tub. I built it, TIM! It has not collapsed under the weight of the hot tub. Now we have to see what happens when water is added.

    On the Jag note, I want to add that he does not like playing with Dasher, and Clea is very mean to him. I just wanted him to be somewhere where he could be the center of attention. And I told those folks, that if it does not work out for any reason, I will take him back at anytime.

    I feel kinda guilty over giving him up, but I do it hoping he will be happier there.

  2. OMG... Jag is gone? I guess that was the responsible thing to do, but I LOVE that cat. Mover boss lady had better be good to Jag or else.

    Nice hot tub/home made deck.

    I haven't forgotten to email Tim links to the stories you requested. Been crazy busy.

    And DO NOT get me started on the whole customer service telephone agony. I takes me no fewer than sixteen calls to get anything accomplished anymore. What do people do who actually have lives? Guess I'm asking the wrong person.

    Oh well, love ya anyway. Staying warm? I'm not.

  3. @Alix: "What do people do who actually have lives? Guess I'm asking the wrong person."

    LOL. Yes, you are. I'm so tired of shitty customer service! I think Jim is too.

    Oh and we're not staying warm. Damn it's cold!

  4. Cold, huh? 2 degrees here in SW Iowa. -24 with the chill factor tossed in. I ain't goin' outside to no hot tub!!!

    Enjoy all of your new stuff! And I, too, hope Jag enjoys his new home.

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Oh, forgot the important comment: I HATE dealing with those calls! Reminds me of the ATT/Charter fiasco I went through back in Atlanta - aaaiiiee!


  6. @Mom L: No whining about the cold! That's my job. I'm from Florida. :-)

    I think Jag will be fine. He's gonna get a lot of lovin'.

  7. Ever since I started saying I wanted to move to NC or SC, it's been really cold there. Figures.

    The hot tub looks really inviting! Good job, Jim! I hope it hold up when the water is added!I hope you get your phone/internet,cable fixed soon!

  8. So let me get this straight, You keep the dog that pisses on the rug, tears up furniture and flooring. And you keep the sycho kitty that attacks people, but you abandon the cat that shows you love and affection. Well I guess I should have expected this. You did the same thing to all of your long time friends in florida

  9. @Tim: Hell yeah. Pesky lovable pets and friends can be so annoying. High maintenance.

  10. Hot tub! Sweet. I was in my first hot tub last summer. And it was pretty nice. My friend asked me if I wanted to go in her hot tub a few weeks ago when it was snowing but I declined, thinking that getting out would be very painful.


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