1-14-10 Thursday & 1-15-10 Friday

Thursday: I made 66 frickin’ cupcakes, ran errands, and did some stuff around the house.

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Friday: Jim brought  60 of the cupcakes to work and was a hit. 

I spent today cleaning.  With 2.5 bathrooms I now appreciate the 1 bathroom at the RV.  Did I say that?  I did a deep clean.  When we moved in we cleaned enough to make it sanitary and usable.  Today I did baseboards, all the nooks and crannies, etc.  I also cleaned the oven and stove top.  I cleaned the dinette light fixture which was filthy.    I still have several more light fixtures around the house to clean.  I vacuumed, I mopped.  I washed rugs. 

I spent all day doing this stuff.  Doesn’t it look nice?

I know, a boring entry. 

This weekend will all be about food.  Eat this, eat that. 

It’s a 3 day weekend for Jim.  Funny, huh?  Well, it’s best to ease into this work thing.

We ordered a pizza, and then have lots of Heroes episodes to catch up on.  We’ll watch them on TiVo through Netflix.  Modern technology… crazy.


  1. Someday, Teagan is going to come home from school and tell me she needs 5000 cupcakes for a bake sale the next day... and I will know who to call for help!! Well done!

  2. Good ol' Martin Luther King... he knows just when to have a birthday so the new guy has to bring in 60 cupcakes. Wait... you mean those cuppies aren't for him?

    Nice job anyway, Garret. That's a lot of good looking red velvet honey. Way to suck up to the new work crew. I love a guy who goes for the love through by way of the sugar highway. Awesome!

  3. @Liz: Uh, lose my name!

    @Alix: {clearing throat} Of course the cupcakes were for him.

  4. Garret, you made me so tired just reading about your cleaning spree that I had to sit in the recliner for an hour or two. And that doesn't even come close to how worn I was from watching all those cupcakes being made, baked, frosted...damn! Now I'm hungry, too.


  5. Dearest Mom L: Yay for being appreciated! {sigh}

  6. Red Velvet cupcakes? My mom used to make red velvet cake! Glad it was a hit!


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