1-7-10 Thursday (TV Tours)

We spent a huge part of the day shopping for a new TV.  Using our nifty Consumer Reports subscription, I printed out the ratings and such.  Off to hhgregg we went.  A 42” this became a 42” that.  Refresh rates and other terminology were explained to us.  Hmmmm, now we have more to think about.  We went to Best Buy.  Very helpful girl there.  We found out our TIVO won’t be very good for HD.  I could go on and on but basically we’re going with a 46”, a new Tivo and a trade in of the digital cable box to a CableCARD.  We’ll hold off on Blueray and surround sound for now.  All of this could change by the time we make it to the store for all of this stuff.

Here’s some walk through tour videos of the house:

The guest room walk through video isn’t cooperating.  Imagine it being the best room you’ve ever laid eyes on and then reduce that to 50%.  There.

Tonight we’re supposed to get snow showers.  It’s expected to get very icy.  It would figure.


Jim finished off the garage!  2 cars inside!

In case you noticed, I did skip a Wednesday post.  You didn’t miss much; it was all about organizing, unboxing, etc.


  1. I'm jealous of your garage! Can you call Jeff and inspire him to clean ours out??

    Can't watch videos at work... so I'll tune back in from home later.

    I leave techno decisions up to Jeff... but we have a BluRay player and I can really tell the difference- we have a giant HD TV and the Blu Ray... I don't miss not going to the movies so much because I've got about the closest I can get without an actual in home theatre, you know? He's got us well hooked up! Our set up and having Netflix (and we can access Netflix through the computer he has hooked up and watch movies online through Netflix on our TV or we can access Netflix through the Xbox... so we don't always have to wait for the mail to come to get our movies) has us nicely situated to always have entertainment at our fingertips!

  2. @Liz: Our old house garage was extra big. We had cabinets with everything all organized inside. Rubbermaid totes with "bulbs" or "adhesives" or etc. Anal. I know.

    I saw the difference with BluRay at the store. It will be a nice change for us.

  3. I'm just going to come right out and say it. The tablecloth wraps are pure genius. I am so going to do that. Awesome idea.

    Now for the random comment. I kept playing the second tour of the office over and over because it sounded funny when you said "desks." Not that you said it funny - just that the word "desks" is funny. Desks. Think about it. Who thinks up these words? Off to watch the other videos now. Ta-ta!

  4. OMG! The Clea and Dasher Show! Clea is so chill and Dasher is so into it.

  5. Wow - cool house! Although, are you sure that "cat gate" will keep Cleo out? My Emma would simply leap up and over it! I have unpacked boxes stacked in my bedroom, and once my daughter and SIL decided to move to Savannah, I figured that was the reason I didn't unpack! Books and photos can now stay packed until I move again one day.

    I agree on the blinds - someone did a lousy job of measuring; they can't have wanted them too narrow on purpose! Yep - just get some simple drapes.

    Nancy in frozen Iowa

  6. @Mom L: Truth be told, we have renter's insurance which also covered our crap while be transported. I would have preferred all the shit to have gone up in smoke and start over. Too much crap!

    @Alix: Yeah, the table cloth thing. In the old house we had slat board in the garage. Much more flexible than peg board. We put a piece of that into the guest bedroom closet, and used hooks to rest the rolls of table cloths on HORIZONTALLY. For the rollers we got PVC pipe, cleaned it really well, got rubber shelf grip and used carpet tape to secure it to the roller. The whole roller does not need to be covered, just enough to help grip into the tablecloth when you start rolling it. Once a table cloth comes out of the dryer, we pull it out fast and put it onto the table to roll. We used clothes pins on the end of each roller marked "1 leaf, 2 leaf, etc" because we had MANY tablecloths of the same style, just different sizes. If the closet isn't deep enough, just put the rollers on the hooks diagonally. Table cloths never need ironed, never have creases and are always ready to go!

  7. I really like what you've managed to do in such a short time. The guest bath decor makes me feel like it's "home". Your tablecloth storage is pure genius...but Laurie and I have no table cloths so we don't need to worry about that. Whew. I miss the carpeted garage, and I'll bet you do too. :o) House is looking good. Miss you bunches.

  8. Hi back at yah...since you were waving each time you hit a mirror.
    I had the Clea and Dasher show going and it set my dog (Murphy O'Hooey) off. He was barking through out the whole thing.
    I have to ask...when you panned the fireplace I could not figure out if that was Dasher curled up in front of it or a statue. I didn't go back and freeze frame. And I did see Dasher in the kitchen a moment later. So is it real or memorex?
    Oh BTW love the sweater closet...Can I borrow a few. It's gonna snow here today I think!!!

  9. @Pearlish: If it were left to me, we'd still be unloading the truck. It's 95% done, but thanks to Jim's abundance of energy. Maybe the caffeine?

    @Nancy K: I remember the Memorex commercials. It was Memorex. It's a poly-resin statue that Jim's mom gave us at Christmas a few years back.


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