1-22-10 Friday (No Butts About It)

This foggy, rainy, cold weather sucks.  At the end of last weekend the weather was perfect.  The sun was warm, the air was cool – it all just worked together.  The past couple of days?  Not so much.  We’re back to having the heat on.

I ran several shopping errands, including Big Lots.  You know, Big Lots has given me some fun photos in the past.  I’ll spare you the links to previous posts and just put the photos here for you:

image 9-26-08

image 10-7-09

Here’s my Big Lots photo of the day:

2010-01-22 01

If you don’t find the above photo humorous – don’t look at me to explain it.  You can certainly click here to see the sexual reference I’m making as explained by Wikipedia. 

Oddly, I stopped at Walmart and on my way out of the parking lot, I performed parking patrol.  I just can’t help myself.

2010-01-22 03 2010-01-22 02

I did other shopping excursions today and then went home to start our healthy eating habits.  I baked off a lot of chicken so that I can make salads which will be topped with my usual chicken, corn, chick peas, black beans, broccoli, and low fat feta cheese. 

2010-01-22 04

Some gets refrigerated and some will be frozen.  I love having normal sized fridge/freezer. 

While cutting up the chicken, Dasher and I snacked on cashews.

2010-01-22 05 2010-01-22 06

He’s so gentle as long as he realizes that the food is small.

Once Jim got home we went off to work out.  Core, chest/back and then some cardio.  We did the stair machine.  We did 25 minutes out of the 45.  That machine beat the piss out of us.  With the way we felt afterwards, we wonder if 25 minutes on stairs is the same as 45 minutes on an elliptical.  The calorie count on the machine doesn’t reflect that but how accurate is that anyway? 


I gotto go check on how the neighbors are parking…


  1. Would you come cook for me?


  2. Dasher taking the cashew reminds me of my Ginger... she used to be extra gentle and careful when taking small bits of food. So sweet!!

    I think you need to dig deeper into this strange parking phenomenon... something fishy about that.

  3. Get rid of the corn in your salad. In fact, get corn completely out of your diet. To your body it is pure sugar, devoid of nutrition...no good for you at all. I very much question whether calorie counts on machines are accurate, especially on machines that don't have you input your weight. But that stair machine is HARD AS HELL so keep at it! Plyometrics/anaerobic stuff is the best fat burner by far, though...

  4. @Liz: I might have to investigate more closely. I'm thinking Roswellish.

    @Norma: The stair machine asked for my weight/age but didn't have sensors like typical cardio machines. So you think the stair machine is better?

  5. So it doesn't measure your heart rate? I think that is what gives a pretty (my opinion only) accurate calories burned reading. BUT, keep in mind...if I do a half hour workout on my home elliptical, it says roughly 300 cals (it doesn't ask for my weight). A similar intensity/same length of time workout on my trainer's elliptical (which asks for weight & age) says 400 cals burned...and a similar intensity/40 min workout on the hotel gym elliptical today only gave me 375 cals for my efforts (it asked for weight)...so, you can see why I don't really trust them. I worry more about the quality of what I'm putting in my mouth & body and making every calorie worth it. As for working out, just do whatever exercises/machines doesn't bore you and keeps you motivated and feeling results...muscle confusion (a la P90X, for example) is the thing that counts.

  6. Thanks Norma. I know the diet is really the key. I think exercise is second. We'll see what happens.

  7. Yep, 60/40 diet/exercise...your exercise is going to benefit you so much more if your body is getting the proper fuel...have I preached to you about The Eat Clean Diet? Just google it...you like to cook/prep/organize ahead of time; it'd probably work out well for you!

  8. LOL Garret! I love your parking patrol. You seem to have a never ending supply of material.

    It boggles the mind, really. Let's just suppose, in defense of the offense, the bad parker had no choice... that he was forced to park poorly because the car next to him was parked poorly. Still... wouldn't you just move one space OVER? Are parking places really that freaking hard to come by in Charlotte? Just wondering.

  9. Cooking AND exercising?! Two things I should do more, yet never, ever do.


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