1-29-10 Friday (Freakish Paper Towels)

Since Jim has gone back to work, the weekend weather seems to be consistently crappy.  It’s either cold or rainy or both.  This weekend will be no stranger to mal weather.


On Tuesday the forecast for Sunday was for 14° but that’s now down to 9°.  I guess it doesn’t matter that it’s cold out.  It’s not like we had some garden party planned.

Has anyone seen these Bounty Paper Towels?  Probably not.  They don’t make them anymore.  They were paper towels in a tissue like dispenser.  They were discontinued.  Shortly after their demise, they were on the shelves of Big Lots.  So many a year ago, yes, many a year, Jim and I bought a 6 pack of them.  We still have them.  Do you know why?  Because.  I’m a freak.  I can’t get them any more so I ration them out.  In fact, over rationed so much that we never used them.  It was like we kept them for a special occasion.  I’m breaking them out.  I’m breaking all the rules.  Well, my strange rule I guess.  Am I the only one who does shit like this?


It doesn’t stop at the paper towels either.  Years ago I had an air freshener that took little cartridges that were a little larger than a cigarette lighter.  It might have been Glade, not sure.  This thing worked so well that one little squirt freshened a huge room for a long time.  I think the product worked so well that the manufacturer dumped it.  So I had the same cartridge for several years.  It lasted that long.  I used it sparingly too. 

I know our blog is usually cohesive – one thought that flows  smoothly through my sentences. 

IMG_0002 Above: Clea curled up for a nap.

More cohesiveness…

At about 4:30pm, the snow started falling.  From what we’ve been told, this is a rarity for Charlotte.  {evil laugh} Only we have the power to bring unseasonable weather.


By 5:30pm, it sure is sticking and it’s coming down much harder.



It’s 8pm and everything is covered in snow and it’s still going strong.  The news has been announcing closings for Saturday and Sunday.  This is big news here in Charlotte.  I think this will make for an interesting weekend.


  1. That's like the snow I got in NY in October! The dreaded last Kristen trip. I should have known by the freakish snow that the weather was shifting in more ways than one.

    Regarding the Bounty and air freshener business? My grandmother used to "save" every gift she ever got. She refused to wear new slips, or nighties, or dresses. She was always waiting to use her new good stuff. She never did. She died with closets full of pretty things she had saved. She even asked to be buried in a favorite old dress that had a stain on it. I don't know if that was just a product of her living through the Great Depression, or whether it was just a quirk. Either way - it was sad.

    I say - use the damn paper towels!

  2. I love the bounty in the box. They would be great as napkins at dinner. I don't ration anything. I use it all right away then wish I had more. I wish we had snow just not the cold, You can keep that. I want more video please. BTW 69 degrees on my lanai and sunny. I'm sure your not planning a garden party, I would have to be there for that.

  3. Garret, watch Hoarders....you'll never save anything, for any reason, ever again. :o)

  4. @Alix: Wow, I'd hate to be buried with unused Bounty Paper Towels. Those are flammable. I had better take your advice. Thanks.

    @Tim: More videos? Funny, for several months on and off I thought about doing some video blog entries. Hmmmm, I'll have to seriously consider it now. It might be fun once in a while. I realize that's not what you meant.

    @Pearlish: Liz blogged about that show and from what she described I'll pass. Sounds disgusting.

  5. @ Garrrrrret: Here's an idea... use the boxed Bounty paper towels as your funeral pyre. Kill two birds with one stone.

    You're welcome.

  6. Honestly, I have never seen paper towels like that. Seems like an excellent idea, sorry to see that it was stopped even though I don't think it came to our area.

    After seeing my grandmother 'save' things for special occasions... I use my stuff. She died with lots of never used items.

    Stay warm,

  7. If you'd stop hoarding things you wouldn't have to hire 3 trucks to move your stuff! Now I know the real reason you and Jim went on your epic RV adventure - it was so you could leave your stuff behind!

    Stay warm..it's up to 11 or 12 degrees now but we aren't getting any new snow.

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. @Mark: Sunny Palm Springs? I'm jealous. We love Palm Springs.

    @Mom L: It was 2 trucks, woman. 2 trucks! ;-)

  9. love the blog addy written in the snow!!

    And gotta say... Clea is adorable. I love when kitties do the head upside down thing.

  10. Garrett I'm with your Mom, WTF dude, you paid storage for a year on Boxed paper towels?

    Man you really are a freak!


  11. @Liz: Thanks. I think that's the 5th time I've written in snow, sand, dust or something.

    @John: Mom L isn't my Mom but she's someone's. ;-)

  12. I have never seen paper towels like that.

    When my ex's grandfather died, we found Christmas gifts that the grandkids had given him in a closet, still in their boxes. Sweaters and ties, etc. that he never even tried on. The last year he was alive, we gave him a carton of cigarettes as a gift. He opened it and exclaimed, "Now THIS is a gift I can use!"

  13. Well, I'm old enough to be your Mom! I'll have to change my moniker - I started it when my daughter started her blog, Loess is More.

    Nancy L.

  14. Funny Mom L: It's a little confusing with Mom L and then you sign Nancy L. so I never know which way to address you. I try to go with the screen name so as not to confuse.


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