11-24-09 Tuesday (Slack-er)

scared-cat- Owwwwwwwww. My shoulders and chest are sore from yesterday’s workout. It’s a good soreness. One of accomplishment. The last time we worked out was almost 2 months ago. This time we need to do better. We seemed to have had the gym thing down to a science. We worked out sometimes 7 days a week. What we didn’t do was control our food intake so our transformation was very slow and almost non-existent. We’re not working. Now is the perfect time to get in shape. I don’t want to start a new job and then be tired, and short on time – then the gym becomes a hardship – then I look back and think how dumb I was for not utilizing the abundance of time that I have! Duh.

image The awning repair guy is here this morning. Jim has been helping him. I don’t think replacing an awning is a one man show yet this guy is here by himself. Do we get a discount for our share of labor? Of course not. No, I didn’t ask, nor did Jim. It is what it is. Another $500 deductible. So far, we’ve spent $1500 in awning deductibles. I’m glad I don’t own a gun.

2009-11-24 06Above/Below: Awning repair dude. 2009-11-24 02 2009-11-24 03Above: Old awning fabric. We folded it up and saved it. Someday we’ll have the fabric made into new awnings for the other windows.

2009-11-24 04Above: Mobile Repair guy’s work truck. An exciting view out my window kitchen.

2009-11-24 05Above: Jim helping to install the new awning. I was busy taking photos and documenting this uhhhhh monumental day… or something like that.

Did you know armpits can hurt? Yep. Mine do. We worked out. We showered. I applied deodorant. Owwwww. I know, I just whined 2 paragraphs above.

Tonight we did dinner and a movie. Same scenario as the last time. Free tickets, discount at Applebee’s plus a giftcard. This time we got free popcorn and had to buy drinks. We went to see “Twilight: New Moon”. We recently saw the first Twilight on DVD so it was great to have it fresh in our minds. The makeup on Edward was much better this time around.

Here’s some photos while at the Beall’s Outlet (killing excess time before the movie started):

2009-11-24 08Above: With the new Eat and Gag Diet craze, Jim has successfully went from a size 55 to – a much lower number.


Does anyone, especially “young men”, call pants “slacks”? That seems like an old school term. The other day, our friend Carl said he wanted to watch his “program”. “Program”? Really? Isn’t that another old people term? Sure, I wonder what words/terminology I use today that will be dated in the future.

Have you seen that program about the young man with the magical slacks who can travel through time?


  1. You're exactly right about working out now and not wasting the opportunity. That was my MO too. Like, if not now, when? It worked for me, but it was still hard. And maintaining means continuing to exercise every day. I know I couldn't have done accomplished it if I worked a full time job, but I'm pretty sure I can maintain now, even if I go back to work. Eeeew. I got a chill just saying that last line.

    Sorry you won't be joining us for Thanksgiving. It's kind of rude to let your family keep you all to themselves, but whatever. You would have enjoyed Lisa's palace of finery too. Did I mention she and BTD are richer than God? It's always fun going to her house, but then I have to reciprocate for Christmas and that means decorating too! My job is harder. And you're welcome for the invitation. Wait... scratch that. I forgot... you never thanked me... you asked for CLARIFICATION. You moron.

  2. You're right...nobody calls them slacks! And at least your friend Carl didn't say he wanted to watch his "stories". That would be a really old one.

    Another old people term: tickled; as in "I loved my birthday surprise party; it just tickled me."

    Am I right or am I right?

  3. Thank you for the invite. Biatch! Take plenty of photos! Eat plenty for me!

    Oh and make sure you take pictures of Lisa's riches. Fancy this, fancy that.

  4. Yes, "tickled" is an old term too. Funny. If it weren't for old people, what would we talk about? :-)

  5. My friend Ben has a pair of those magical slacks...


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