11-21-09 Saturday (Sizzling Ice Cream)

Continuing the sickly theme from yesterday, I awoke with a lower back ache like no one’s business.  Did I sleep wrong?   Was my regurgitating posture awry?  Is there a correct regurgitation posture?  I wonder if there’s a step by step poster for this that I can hang in the bathroom?  I’ll just take down my Heimlich Maneuver poster.  We seem to throw up more often than choke anyway.

Alix, from Casa Hice, mentioned me during a bloggers interview.  Click here to see it!

Jason, from the Jason Show, mentioned me.  Well, not really me.  You see, he does this thing:  Each week The Jason Show sends scouts out into the blogosphere, scouring blogs both well-known and yet-to-be-discovered for those single lines that are attention grabbers. Single sentences that resonate for their element of humor, touch of the bizarre, or ability to provoke thought are prestigiously linked to their author, in hopes that viewers of The Jason Show like you will be able to savor a serving of Single Sentence Soup just as our scouts have.  He picked a few lines from yesterday’s blog entry.  Click here to see his weekly picks.  

Jim’s mom invited us out to lunch today.  I wasn’t feeling that great but opted to go anyways.  It beats sitting at home thinking about being sick.  We met Ann & Morgan at Cantina Laredo.  The website says it’s gourmet Mexican food.  I never knew it was a franchise until I looked it up to insert the hyperlink.  They have some pretty good food.  The best was dessert! 

apple pie

Jim and I shared it.  The waiter came out with cold apple pie, a sizzling empty skillet, cinnamon ice cream, and brandy butter.  He put the apple pie on the skillet and mashed it down a tad.  It sizzled.  Next he scooped the ice cream on top and then poured the brandy butter all around the sides.  It created an aroma fit for a Yankee Candle creation.  It tasted much better than what a Yankee Candle would… I’m sure of it.  Those Mexicans sure know their Mexican foods.

 2009-11-21 05 2009-11-21 08

We had dinner plans with some friends down in Naples.  On the way there we drove through Fort Myers Beach and took in another sunset.

2009-11-21 17 2009-11-21 12 2009-11-21 16 Above/Below: I’m not sure what kind of shell these are but there were thousands of them on the beach.  Most of them with halves still attached yet open.  Many different colors.2009-11-21 14

Here’s some photos from earlier in the day:

2009-11-20 02 2009-11-20 03 2009-11-20 04 2009-11-21 09

Above: I love that the lady in this trailer made an outdoor living room complete with Christmas tree.

 2009-11-21 10 Above: This owner looks like they thought the outdoor carpet would be an improvement.  I guess the wind kept blowing it up – but nothing cheapens it more than a cinder block on each side of the rug.


  1. The only thing better than mentioning you on my blog and in my Sunday Roast, is having you mention that on your blog.

    I looked at the Smilebox slideshow of our time together in Saint Augustine and I just sat there with the biggest grin on my face remembering all the fun we had. It really was the most fun I had all summer... excluding the Kristen incident. That floats to the top like a big layer of grease, that does. So sorry. You have to be satisfied with second most fun summer memory. Oh wait.. wait! The Kristen incident happened last month, in October, which isn't summer. So that means you win! You are the number one summer memory at Casa Hice. Yay.

  2. I want one of those sizzling mexipie things, bitch. Now.

    And what up with her Christmas tree outside???? LOL ...that's so leisureworld that it hurts.

  3. That dessert looks delicioso!!! I had my first churro when I went to Mexico. Mmm.

  4. those shells are coquinas...I used to pick them up on SW Fl beaches when I was a kid.... (shaddup!! yes they had them when I was a kid!!!)

  5. @RyanH: Dinosaurs hate those things between their toes. You were smart to hang out at the beach.

  6. Hey, thanks for the shout out!

    I usually don't like fruit desserts, but this Mexican apple pie looks pretty darn good!

    Leisureworld. Heh. Funny stuff.

  7. I don't know, a Christmas tree in Florida.....just doesn't look right....

  8. Wayne, sometimes I feel the same way but what can ya do?


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