11-29-09 Sunday (Thankistmas)

There’s not much to report from today.  We did our now-as-usual work out at the gym (Core & 1 hour cardio). 

We did go to Ann and Morgan’s for a left-over Thanksgiving feast.  After dinner, we helped decorate their tree.  I left my camera at home so these are cell phone photos which are normally OK except that the low light isn’t favorable.

2009-11-29 01   2009-11-29 04 2009-11-29 05 Above: Ann and her sister Patty have a ritual of finding hideous female ornaments for one another.  This was one year’s winner.  Look at those fish-net covered thighs!  Ugh!


  1. They made an ornament of me!!

    I think those pics actually turned out really well. It's hard to photograph lights and decorations on a tree. A flash takes the lights out, low light can leave you with blurry images and a lack of clarity. So those are actually great pics!

  2. I had to look twice... At first glance the ornament seemed to have purple labia. Eeeeew....


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