11-8-09 Sunday (Movie Activity)

We went to see another movie today, this time, a matinee.  Laurie and Pearl suggested seeing Paranormal Activity.  Carl & Tim were game for the outing.  The movie was in a Blair Witch – esque style.  It’s all done through the star’s video camera.  It’s not a real scary movie as much as it is creepy.  Because of the filming style, it sucks you into their world, as if you’ve discovered their lost video tapes.  It’s really got a rather slow pace to it.  All in all, I’d take a refund.  Below is the movie trailer.

Laurie and Pearl suggested some sub place for lunch which ended up not being open on Sundays.  We took Five Guys as a second.  Carl & Tim opted to have lunch at home because they were feeling nap deprived.  The certainly like their weekend siestas.  Anyway, Laurie & Pearl’s kids young adults were at the movies and lunch with us.  Kathryn & Jordan.

IMG_0002Above: Tim & Carl meeting us at the movie.

 IMG_0003Above: Jim & I via nostril-cam.

 IMG_0009Above: Kathryn aka “Barbie” at Five Guys.  Well, she’s not known as Barbie at Five Guys.  She’s known as Barbie by her family and friends.  She’s just here, at Five Guys.  Geez, you’re dense.

Dinner with Ann & Morgan at Longhorn.  Mmmmm, I had the salad I had the last time.  The name eludes me right now, but who cares.

We stopped off at Target and walked around the Christmas decor section.  We bought nothing, yet admired tons.  LED lights are revolutionizing lighted decor.  It’s a shame they cost a small fortune.

One last stop to Grandma’s.  She told us to stop by for something.  She bought us a couple of bowls.  We complimented the usefulness of the bowls we used for stew the other nice so she went out and bought us a couple.  Sweet – isn’t she? 


  1. Oh Garret! Adrian was going to see Paranormal Activity and chickened out. Her friends told her it was VERY scary. If I didn't hate movie theaters so much {actually, not the theaters, the people inside the theaters}, I'd see it in a heartbeat. But since you didn't like it, I won't bother. Or I'll wait until I can get it on NetFlix.


  2. Jeff saw this one too, I think. I dunno. I know he saw The Fourth Kind this past weekend. Maybe that will be next on your list?

  3. @Alix: Yeah, wait for Netflix.

    @Liz: The Fourth Kind looks good too! So who is he going to all these movies with? Hmmmm?

  4. Wow that movie trailer looks scary...almost as scary as IDA for me. But I am sure you guys being Floridians are not concerned about IDA. Maybe I can make my own IDA scary movie...
    Ken from Tampa

  5. P.S. the toilet paper police have reported to me that your toilet paper is not installed correctly....shame, shame, shame
    Ken from Tampa

  6. PS: I never did watch the trailer, so I came back and just did. I got honest-to-god adrenaline chills THREE different times.

    Dammit. Now I want to see the movie.

  7. Paranormal Activity was SO overhyped! Not scary at all. And I really wanted to be scared.


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