11-13-09 Friday (Birthday Partying)

It’s been a busy weekend.  That’s good.  My cousin Christine and her family came for a visit from NY.  I haven’t seen her in like 25 years or so.  She’s got a time share in Orlando, and so they took the drive this morning to celebrate my other cousin Carissa’s birthday.  Jim and I went over to my aunt’s and visited with my mom, aunt, grandmother and cousins.  Of course we ate.  My aunt makes damn good chicken salad.  Mmmmmm.

2009-11-12 01Above: Ariana, Christine, Vic, and Matt

2009-11-12 12 Above: Christine, Garret & Carissa.

Later that evening, we went to Cape Harbour’s The Joint.  We had dinner, drank and socialized.

2009-11-12 21Above: Carissa and beau Josh.

 2009-11-12 17 Above: Carissa, aka Birthday Girl.


  1. 25 years?! Wow. What a long time. Glad you got to see each other after all that time.

  2. Looks like a fun time, hooker!

  3. I have cousins whom I've never met! well, actually, I haven't seen them in so long (maybe 45 years) that I ahve no memories of them (our mothers were sisters). They live in California. Actually, my cousins in Florida... I've never met them (our fathers were brothers).

  4. Happy Birthday Carissa.

    Good looking bunch of peeps. Especially the bald one :)


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