11-28-09 Saturday (Transformations)

Yep, another trip to the gym.  Yay!  With all this gym-ness I am a slave to the increased load of towels and workout wear.  I’m back to 1-2 loads of laundry per day. 

Since Jim and I go to the gym at different times each day, we haven’t yet noticed the regulars.  When we were working and going to the gym at the same time everyday, we saw the same people.  We made nicknames for them based on their habits or mannerisms.  Some are rude and heartless which I won’t share.    “Red” for the redheaded guy with the awesome muscles.  “Nipple Guy”, which we later found out was Carlos, who was a long haired muscle-head that wore a spaghetti string tank top and always exposed his nipples.  You get the idea.

Tim & Carl hosted a “family” Thanksgiving dinner.  It was amazing!  We have a running joke about Tim.  If Tim has some sort of big gathering, it means he’ll buy something big or do something grand.  Perhaps it’s his form of motivation.  His grand move?  He took a spare room (Larger than his dining room) and transformed it into something beautiful.  He painted the walls “pumpkin spice” for the occasion.  He’s a little nuts.  Look at this room transformation.  Look at this beautiful table setting.  I was so impressed.  I’m not saying this just because he reads the blog, maybe that helps, or because of the $20 he gave me last night, which always helps, but rather because it’s true.  I know, I know, enough already, let’s see, right?


Oh, sorry, that’s YOUR house… Oh, here it goes:

2009-11-28 01 Above: Gorgeous.  He bought 95% of what you see just for this dinner party.  I’m tellin’ ya, he’s as nutty as a fruit cake.


Here’s the slide show:


  1. I'll speak for both Laurie and myself in saying this was one of the nicest gatherings we've had as a group. I'm all for doing something similar between Christmas and New Year's. We can all bring a dish, and pitch in for the main dish. Thoughts?

  2. It was the nicest gathering to date. Beautifully AND thoughtfully done.

    Your gathering sounds good. Ummmmm, no thoughts unfortunately. I'd suggest doing as Tim did and asking everyone what they can bring once you've said what main entree you guys will do. It gives the others an idea of what to bring based on the main.

  3. OMG! What a fabulous get together. I LOVE the pumpkin spice walls and all the autumn colors. And that spread! Made mu mouth water.

    I'm so confused though... I double checked my mailbox and my invitation never arrived. I'm devastated to have missed such a grand event.

    Thanks for all the great photos and the VERY artistic slideshow. Nicely done Garret. Nicely done.

  4. I had such a great time!! Oh wait...

    That room is Fabu!!


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