11-15-09 Sunday (I Got Chills, They’re Multiplying…)

image Today I went to my parents house to help my dad with yard work.  This time, we got it done.  Most of the work was tree trimming.  Me and a chainsaw.  Not pretty.  Those things make me nervous.  I constantly envisioned the saw cutting through something and then me swinging it into my leg or something.  I also felt like maybe I should have been wearing a hockey mask or the like.  I had to climb up a ladder, tie a rope to a limb so that me or my dad can pull the limb away after the chainsaw makes the cut.  The result?  No blood, no lost limbs, but add in some heat stroke. 

image belly-measure-cartoonYes, after I was done, I was anxious to get home.  I felt exhausted.  I thought “Shit, I’m outta shape.”  I came home and just didn’t feel right.  I showered and headed out to meet Jim at his mom’s for dinner.  I arrived and felt tired.  I felt slightly dizzy, then got chills, a fever and eventually a headache.  I ate dinner and felt a little better.  We suspect I got dehydrated.  I thought back to the day and realized I probably hadn’t drank enough.  I didn’t sweat much because it was cool out, so I’m not sure why all of this happened.  Jim followed me home - “just in case”.  I stripped, and crawled into bed at 7:30pm. 


  1. Gee, garret, hope you feel better. Sure hope it is not the flu...take care.
    Ken in Tampa

  2. Hope the morning finds you feeling better, and it's not that nasty flu.

  3. Thanks all. The next day I was OK. Still working on the post.

  4. How did I miss this post? My poor poor Garret. I'm so sorry you got sick. Must have been the Japanese food.

  5. I'm playing catch-up today on my blog reading. Glad to read it wasn't anything serious and you're feeling better now.


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